BANGALORE SHG meeting report : 06 Sept , 2015

Yes , it was late ! Today we started the meeting at 10 30
, since I reached late to our usual place of meet in CUBBON PARK , BANGALORE. The
always high-humidity, hot Bangalore surprisingly had a pleasant weather today !
Isn’t that why we call Bangalore a GARDEN CITY !

First we had 7 people and then people rolling in  took the count to 11. Some say 11 is a good number, but it’s a bad number to co ordinate! Anything
over 7 seems difficult to manage since everyone needs to get a chance to speak in
a limited time!
The attendees were Avnish
, Mansi , Rohit , Naman, Praveen , Jonali , Pramod , ‘Pink’ Reuben ,
Santhakumar, Kavish and me, Sharath
. The latest addition being Jonali
, who is from Assam and presently working in Bangalore.
I noticed one thing in the first session, being the introduction round. We have been doing the introductions since long. And
everytime, every person gives a different introduction each time they introduce themself. If
one could remember the important points and go by them , it would really help
us to speak well without thinking much.
Btw , Just when I thought that I had forgotten about Rohith, Pramod and
Avnish , they appeared like the phoenix in the SHG and reimplanted their images in our
heads ! Good to see you all after a long time !!
Well ,once the introductions were over , we jumped to Extempore round. Each person would be given a topic to speak for 2
minutes. We tested ourselves on how calm and composed we can be in those 2
minutes and even think on the spot on day to day topics. Its nice to see
ourself fumble for words in those two minutes and sometimes two minutes feels
like an hour to some. The day you feel
two minutes is too less for you to speak on any topic given to you, you can be
confident of being a great orator.
Then we had a practical interviews round, where we go and speak
to people about stammering! It’s a easy task, one may think but to make it a
bit more special and difficult, we thought of speaking to people using our technique. Just being conscious to use the
technique each time will help us a lot.

Absolutely enlightened – Naman !! 

Another new member , the SKULLMAN !
Many people cannot use the technique in front of friends
and family because they may feel shy to do it or some even feel ashamed to do
it. Acceptance of stammering can be really found here! The social stigma about
stammering and not speaking about it in public can also be removed. And
surprisingly enough, you can find another stammerer too while you go out to
speak to people.  (Well, the Bangalore
SHG members found one of us like that )
The reactions from
public may vary highly
as the members told after the practical round. Some
are receptive, some are not , some may sympathise , some may run away and some
might even laugh at us. But believe me, many don’t think it as a problem and
many even know how to react well to a stammerer.
Next there was a debate
as to whether
we have to have a debate round or the role playing. And not surprisingly, we
chose to debate it out.
The topic selected was to whether GIVE UP THE LPG SUBSIDY scheme is helpful or
( More details here – ) . I was happy that
the debate went well with strong points from both the sides. Well , i must say that I loved the way Naman, Rohit and Avnish made
up their points and put it across. A little patience would have helped us to
give out the points efficiently and effectively.  Although it was
engrossing, we had to stop since the time was not on our side.
We then dispersed at 1 20 pm.
See ya next week !
Enjoy your weekend

Are you from bangalore ?  feel free to say hello to us. We meet every sunday, 10 am sharp at cubbon park. Call or whatsapp on the below given numbers or drop in anytime in our meeting ! Dont worry, we are extra cordial to new comers.
1) Sharath 
   Ph/Whatsapp  –     7411090880 
   Email              –
2) Nishil 
   Ph/whatsapp  –      9008416379 
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  1. Sachin 4 years ago

    Dear God
    You are doing so well on Earth…
    Let it be your permanent address…
    Ha ha ha..
    A very good session IMO…
    Mere mortal!


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