Patna Bihar SHG Meeting Report 6 Sept 2015

Hello from the Patna Bihar SHG team
Our team has got a new member and that too on the regular basis. This is a great news for us..
Today’s TISA meeting we began at Budha Smriti park. We changed the schedule as Suraj has found some urgent work so he unable to attend the meeting.
At first me and Krishna were there and later our new member joined. His name is Amitabh and he certainly deserve a big salute from us. As he is an another guy who is suffering from stammering anxiety, fear, guilt and sadness. This may seem a normal story but as every person has its own story and Amitabh deffinelty have one.
I really like to describe his story to all-
He is a guy who has left his good education due to responsibility of the family. he is earning from 8 years and helping his family in spite of his stammering guilt,  loneliness, no friends and avoiding the situation with friends and colleagues. He says he wants a good and a successful life. We hope our meeting can bring more happiness and love to his life.
Coming to the meeting-
– We all shared our experiences with stammering to each other.
– We introduced ourselves one by one in a very calm way.
– Did breathing exercise for 5 minutes.
Key point during the meeting-
# We discussed that high level of confidence helps us to regain our lost energies during the struggle.
# Breathing exercise is a antidote of anxiety. we should be increasing time of breathing exercise from next meetings.
# We discussed that we should explore our fear by going apart from all limitation and shame.
# Stammer person is a shy by nature.  We should try to make them more bindass and open-minded.
Finally, we dispersed by vowing for the next meeting to be attend by all.
Thanks and have a great weekend.. 
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Post Author: Harish Usgaonker

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    (September 8, 2015 - 5:31 am)

    Yes, Mohit, offering friendship and some happiness to others is the surest indication that we have learned something from our own stammering!
    Good job!

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