MUMBAI SHG meeting report : 13th Sept , 2015

Hello Everyone,

The 92nd Mumbai SHG meeting was attended by 6 people…Before starting the meeting officially we were discussing/sharing things of last week and were having general discussions…After 10-15 minutes the meeting was officially started…


Introduction was kept strictly on 4 things….1) Name 2) Regrets You Had In the Past 3) Bucket Lists 4) Dream

2-Group Discussions

Topics Were…1) Women Empowerment 2) How to tackle water scarcity 3) Final solution to Kashmir issue…

Women Empowerment–Recently in economic times International Monetary Fund’s chief Christine Lagarde has said that if there would be Gender Parity in workforce…..India’s GDP could reach 27%……We had a pretty lively discussions on the same 🙂

Tackling Water Scarcity—Here we discussed our past mistakes in CREATING water scarcity and now how to tackle it….

Final Solution to Kashmir issue – Here history of Kashmir and different ways of how to resolve the issue was discussed…Must say discussions were very immense and full of energy…

3-Reading with proper breathing
In this activity one by one everyone started reading keeping our focus on proper breathing….HERE EXCEPT FOR HOST NO ONE STAMMERED EVEN ONCE…….We decided to go with only 4-5 words max per breath….and try practicing diaphragm breathing while we read….


In the Introduction everyone was asked about their REGRETS and their DREAMS…..Most of the regrets dealt with missed opportunities due to stammering or giving way lot of importance to a situation….. In everyone’s daily lives as well we need motivations sometimes from friends,family,etc but many a times u have to be your own motivation and just go out there pursuing your dreams….Everyone was given a different Motivational Saying printouts….and we told just to read it aloud……and start chasing your dreams forg etting all your past regrets 🙂

Meeting Officially Ended With A Selfie 🙂

– Pawan


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  1. Sachin 4 years ago

    Pretty tough topics, I must say!
    Congrats everyone!

  2. admin 4 years ago

    Awesome job as a host Pawan!!!


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