Would I ever get a job…???

Hello friends
It’s being a long time since I wrote any post. The reason being I shifted to Mumbai. This post is basically regarding my getting job.

So the story begins from 2012 when I graduated in July. I could not got any placements and with my stuttering I was thinking that getting a job (infact a Central Government job) would be hard nut to crack. But as per my FAMILY TRADITION I have to try for it. But what about Stutteringgggggg…..

So I was reluctantly send for speech therapy in Amer, Jaipur. I stayed there for 22 days and did thorough practice day and night and like majority of PWS I also ended from where I started. Meanwhile I was thinking WOULD I EVER GET A JOB….

So in November 2012 I came to Delhi to prepare for SSC CGL exam. I stayed in Delhi for around 1 year but everything ended in vain as the paper got leaked and I have to come back home in December 2013. This was the period I was in blues.

After a long judicial proceeding finally the paper was re-conducted again in July 2014 and September 2014. Meanwhile as I had nothing to lose (as I had already lost very much) so I made my mind that I would continue preparing for exam. So I got through one paper and got selected in Prasar Bharti (obviously govt. job). But as I had spent more than 2 years for SSC CGL I just focused on it. Finally I got through CGL and got Tax Assistant in Income Tax post (again govt.) but I could got the post which I was expecting. I just called Sachin Sir on that day and after a long discussion I finally came up with the conclusion that I would again prepare for SSC CGL 2014. In this whole duration my confidence in TISA, SELF-HELP, SHG and ACCEPTANCE was increasing day by day. Jaipur SHG was now having regular meeting also and I being the host for most of the meetings.

So the preparation started all over again and this time I just decided to give my best. CGL 2014 held in April 2015. This time I qualified for Interview post and my interview was scheduled on July 24, 2015. I had already shared my experience of that interview in the post “IS ACCEPTANCE A ROCKET SCIENCE…!!!” (http://t-tisa.blogspot.in/2015/08/acceptance-is-not-rocket-science.html).
Also in July 2015 my joining of Prasar Bharti came and I got posting in Mumbai and I joined on 13th August.

On 2nd September my final result of SSC CGL 2014 came and YES YES YES…I made it to the post which I was always thinking of and it is INSPECTOR IN CUSTOM & CENTRAL EXCISE.

I was called back home and everybody was very happy that after a long period of 3 years I finally made through. On the 4th I also got to know that my Income tax Assistant joining had also came. This added further happiness.

So whom should I thank.
To begin with I must first mention SACHIN SIR who provided us such a practical platform of TISA and SHG. It is because few years back I could never thought (even in dreams) that I would get 3 jobs and that too “Government”. He and TISA has a huge role in whatever I got today. My Parents, brothers, friends who were always there with me.

And last but not the least Special thanks to “ME” also……hehehehehe….

Ravi Kant Sharma
PWS, Jaipur


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  1. admin 4 years ago

    Wow!!!!Congratulations, this post is an inspiration for others.

  2. admin 4 years ago

    Wow!!!!Congratulations, this post is an inspiration for others.

  3. Sachin 4 years ago

    Yes, special thanks to you for not giving up..Everything else was and is incidental…


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