Patna Bihar SHG Meeting Report 13 Sept 2015

Warmly welcome to our SHG meeting,
I can say this meeting was all about learning, laughing and improvement. We enjoyed a lot and laughed a lot.
We were on right on time at 4pm. We gathered at the barik ground, Danapur, where Suraj and Amitabh was waiting for Krishna and me.
Our meeting started with an open round discussion on the topic suggested by Krishna- Is it right to have above 50% reservation to the Patel community raised by Hardik Patel?
We discussed and presented our opinion on it one by one in a calm and an easy way.
Then our new member- Amitabh gave his opinion to have some great agenda from the next meeting. Some of them are- GD discussion, voice/video recording, meditation/relaxation and laughing exercise.
#Key-Point during the meeting
– We should go deep down the stammering to understand it and to overcome it because a realization has its own power which help us in knowing our merits and demerits.
– Everything has two side and so is our stammering.  Either leave it or take fully responsibility of it. We stutter are very stubborn so we chosen the second option.
– Techniques is very useful so we should practice it on the daily basis with full devotion and hard work.
Suraj had taught some techniques to Amitabh and instructed us to use the techniques during the meeting and we all agreed to it. 
Finally we dispersed after getting a party from Suraj as it was his punishment of not attending the last meeting.
When we were coming to take away the bike from the ground,  one army man stopped us and keep on enquiring about our late meeting on the ground (As the ground is covered under the cantonment of army). It is shocking to all of us that we haven’t stammered while talking to the man. We realized that the fear of what people would think makes our stammering worst and terrible. We were all stammerer so we were not feeling any fear of other non-stammerers, thus we talked like a normal person.
So we should not feel a bit of what people will think and react. Let them think whatever they think, our duty is to stay calm and shouldn’t have to about people mentality and thinking.
Finally we dispersed and planned our venue for the next meeting.


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