Patna Bihar SHG Report 20 Sept 2015

Welcome Guys,
As per the schedule we reached at Eco park at sharp 3.30pm. We were only two members- Me and Krishna.
Meeting started with a Introduction round where we discussed about our weekend’s experiences. Krishna and me had shared some moments that helps us to get busy in our life like Krishna is buying a kindle because he wants to develop a book reading habit and i am exploring myself by giving some extra time to other activity like photography. This helps us to get busy in life and move beyond our limiting beliefs. 
Key point during the meeting
# We should not lowers our confidence level at any condition because this is all we have. We must perform in our adverse conditions.
# We Stammer are the best speakers,  it’s no doubt about it. But becoming it.. its not an easy.  We should coordinate our speaking style with the proper breathing.
# Stammer should become a fearless person.. like a lion and like a eagle as an eagle never surrender to the size or strength of its adversity.
We have talked on varied topics which is related to overcoming the fear of stammering. Krishna had shared his incident in the GD classes where he learn to overcome the fear.
Finally we left after clicking some wonderful pics.
Thanks for Reading.. 

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Post Author: Harish Usgaonker

1 thought on “Patna Bihar SHG Report 20 Sept 2015


    (September 22, 2015 - 5:54 am)

    Great job- Mohit and Krishna!
    Yes, life is movement. So, one must keep moving – rather than getting stuck in anything- good or bad. Keep moving..
    Check out some martial arts too- for a change- because Suraj can teach you basics easily…It can be a great work out and fun – in company of others.

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