What Can I do?

Dear Friends,

We are just a week away from our 5th National Conference! And what a journey it has been… from Bhubaneshwar to Delhi.

Today also happens to be the day I joined TISA… a day which I celebrate as my second birthday, as I have often shared during past National Conferences. (The story goes where I mailed Dr. Sachin about joining TISA, and he replied with a “Happy Birthday”, and it was indeed a new birth!)

I have always been a great fan of Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam. I always get inspired by his vision, positive outlook and way of looking at the world.

As the countdown to the NC 2015 begins, I remember a speech by Dr. Kalam when he was the President of India (address to the Nation on the eve of the Republic Day). He mentioned one incident that happened to him-

“Once I had been to a College, and addressing the students there… After we spoke about a lot of good and the not-so-good things about our great country, one student raised his hand to ask a question. He asked- Sir, what can I do to change this country? I was amazed by this students question. He did not ask what should the Government do, what should the authorities do, or what should our Principal do? He asked what should I do?? That’s leadership! I dream of a country where all people would ask this one question- What can I do?”

Today, in TISA, we have a lot many leaders who ask this question- “What can I do?” and they just don’t ask, they go and and do it. Small things that lead to a BIG change. Our SHG coordinators, members, volunteers… who just go ahead and do it! Yes, we are a team of “Doers”. And as Dr. Kalam said, that’s leadership!

So let’s meet in New Delhi with this spirit of leadership burning within us. And when we go back, let’s go back with the question- “What can I do?” And then, let’s do it…

See you all…

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  1. Sachin 4 years ago

    Thanks Harish – for capturing the spirit of TISA, so well!
    Also thanks for reminding me of that wonderful moment when I received an email from YOU!! A lot of ground we have covered since then, thanks to every one of you, who just went ahead and did whatever they could..

    We have waited for someone to do something for us.. We had been putting the cart before the horse! Now, finally, we have got it right!


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