Patna Bihar SHG Report 04 Oct 2015

Hello my stammer friends,
The meeting was as per the plan and we met at gandhi maidan around 4.30. Suraj is waiting from half and hour that show his passion for the meeting. 

We met and talk about our life and had a conversation on many topics.
Finally when Krishna arrived, our meeting started with the breathing exercise.  Then we talked to the non-Stammer person and made him sit with us. We asked him about his reaction when he come across any Stammer person. he said “yes I laugh”. We also talked on many topics with him.
I think any non-stammer person who laughs is nothing to do with us. They are laughing because they are seeing something unusual while talking.
We also debated on the topic- is it important to make social gathering with only Stammer person? We trio had talked boldly and confidently on it and the conclusion is that we should also keep social gathering with the non-stammer person too because this will us an extraordinary confidence as we are going beyond our comfort zone and normal limiting beliefs.
Today’s meeting is all about informative chit-chat. Finally we left by keeping the promise for the next meeting.
Thanks !


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  1. Sachin 4 years ago

    Very correct. After a certain point in life, it is important that we, the pws, talk to non-stammerers. It is they who need to understand that stammering does not equate with low intelligence, lack of confidence and social aptitude. It is they who need to know how they can help a stammerer, while conversing with them.. Maintaining eye contact, not interrupting, asking questions etc.
    This is a big task, and who can accomplish it – if not a stammerer!
    lage raho!

  2. admin 4 years ago

    absolutely…we should not restrict ourselves in comfort zone as comfort zone doesn't actually exist in real life…everything is incidental and situation based…
    keep meeting and talking guys…


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