Patna Bihar SHG Report 11 Oct 2015

Welcome folks for the Meeting Report happened this Sunday..
We were two members – Me and Suraj.
The meeting was not other than usual meetings.  We met at Gandhi Maidan and discussed on many topics such as present Bihar election, past life experiences and so on. As Suraj is a humorous person so he keep on making short but great jokes.
We also discussed on topic- Why loneliness is important in life?
We both are agreed on it as it is very important part of life where we aren’t a part of any problems, disappointment & anxiety. It’s important to pay attention to what loneliness is trying to teach you and the bottom line is we are actually not alone in the loneliness times as we have so many blessings with us such as god grace, family and friends.
So the meeting adjourned with an inspiring message and planned something for the next meeting.
Thanks for reading !
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Post Author: Harish Usgaonker

1 thought on “Patna Bihar SHG Report 11 Oct 2015


    (October 14, 2015 - 3:54 pm)

    Yes- being alone, sometime is a blessing. We want to be alone, therefore we are alone- and we are doing something important at such times. On the other hand, we are social beings at our deepest level. Company of others is necessary for our growth and mental health. Sometime finding right kind of company becomes difficult. On our own part, we should try and make efforts to make friends – by helping others and "ignoring" their short comings.. In TISA, we consciously create opportunities for people to get together, like the recent NC, where 100+ pws got together.. Your own SHG in PATNA is doing the same..
    Thanks for sharing.

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