My reminiscences of NC 2015

Having missed last year’s NC, I was very excited to meet
fellow PWSs from across our country. I reached at 10.30 am ON 9TH
OCT, almost 1.5 hrs late. Immediately I felt at home amongst so many people
like me. I found that about 95% of the crowd was younger than me, and I realized
of my ageing.Vishal Gupta and his Delhi SHG young team did a commendable job of
organizing the NC so well. I also missed so many faces I came across in NC2012
and 2013. Where are those people now? Are they still in touch with TISA, or
have they moved on? Fortunately I still stammer with full intensity, so I guess
Though all sessions were good , I liked Nitin Tomar’s and JP Sunda’s
sessions the most.
My takeaway from Nitin’s speech-:” we can achieve success in
our lives along with our stammering. We don’t have to get rid of stammering and
then go after success.”
JP’s one statement (essence of it) : People watch him at his
bank and are convinced that a PWS can become a bank manager and do his job well
– breaking of myths and stereotypes about stammering in society.

PS: I skipped day 3, so couldn’t comment on activities on
day 3.

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  1. Sachin 4 years ago

    Thx Abhishek, yes, both Nitin and JP are old timers.. They understand the spirit of this community. It is not about fighting and curing stammering. It is about transcending it and becoming good human beings, good workers, good communicators, creative people, at EASE with ourselves and others.. This NC is a step in that direction. I am very happy that you enjoyed it and had lot of fun..

  2. Vishal Gupta 4 years ago

    wow Abhishek, it was nice meeting with you… Hope to gather all the dimond gold silver and platntinum members very soon


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