ISAD at Marine Drive Mumbai

Hi friends
We have International Stuttering Awareness Day on 22nd Oct. I’m in Mumbai right now so decided to do a small survey on ISAD.
Here are some of the videos…

Ravi Kant Sharma (PWS)


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  1. Sachin 4 years ago

    Ravi bhai- tumne to kamal hi kar diya..
    Logo ko hila ke rakh diya!
    Maja aa gaya..

    We can change ourselves by changing the world..

  2. Dhruv Gupta 4 years ago

    Wonderful Ravi!! This is very inspiring..I'm so glad you're in Mumbai…hope to see you soon bro 🙂

  3. Dhruv Gupta 4 years ago

    This should be the standard video we show when introducing how to do stammering interviews/surveys. Also, it would be great to put subtitles on here for our international audience, to give them a great example on how to do same.

    Main fluently nahi bolta hu, yeh hi haklana bolte hai. Love how simply you defined it 🙂

  4. admin 4 years ago

    bahut achche Ravikant..tum to cha gye.. ye video to tisa me viral hona chahiye 🙂

  5. Soumya 4 years ago

    Ravi Sir!!! Just saw your video and I'm overwhelmed! It was truly a surprise.

    Aapka acceptance level toh ab benchmark ban gaya hai jaha humko pahuchna hai! Gazab hai!

    Rightly said by Dhruv, subtitles can be added to it to show the pure brilliance of these videos to non-hindi viewers.

  6. admin 4 years ago

    Kya bat h ravi kant ji…aapne to jaipur SHG ki saan me 4 chand lga diye…I really miss you in SHG meetings… It's really surprise for me…mughe khusi h ki aap hmare sath ho…. ab to "Haklayenge magar pyar se"

  7. admin 4 years ago

    @Sachin Sir…Thank you Sir aur kamal to TISA ki philosophy h "Acceptance" ki…sb uska he kamal h…

    @Dhruv…Thank you bro…and I really appreciate your idea that subtitles can be added for our international community…and simplicity makes thing very simple…

    @Abhishek…viral kr do yr…mujhe nhi pta kaise viral krte h…hahahaha

    @Anurag… thank you…I too really miss you guys…

  8. admin 4 years ago

    @Soumya…Thank you…and TISA itself is a benchmark for stuttering community…


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