Patna SHG Meeting Report 1 Nov 2015

Hello Everyone,
This Sunday we had a blasting meeting ever. We were total have five members- Suraj, Krishna, Amitabh, Me and our new guy Alok.
We arrived and met at danapur which is a home ground to Suraj and Amitabh at around 4. We welcomed alok and talked about him and consequently he shared his experience with stammering and how he found a way to cope with it.  He is a Phd holder thus we highly pleased that he take great step of being a part of Patna shg team.
We did the following activities one by one-
1. Introduction through techniques
2. Laughing exercises
3. Breathing exercise for 5mints
4. Sharing of some jokes
Although Alok is new so we emphasise more on him as he shared some successful and failed experience which he faced during his lifetime.
Amitabh is a shy kind of person but now he is is into the path of progress and development which is reflected in his personality.
We also shared our worst situation of stammering. Alok faced during his presentation of phd and he literally depressed after being faced with this worst stuttering.
Krishna on the other hand, faced his worst situation in recharging his mobile. But he feels relaxed after the shopkeeper start telling the telecom company name one by one. After hearing Krishna’s experiences we all laughed a lot.
Amitabh faces during the meeting at his company and he tries a lot to avoid it as hard as possible.
Lastly its Suraj turns,  he tells he haven’t faced any worst situation as he is a complete socialize person and loves to entangle more with the non-stammer person.
Suraj and me shared some techniques to Alok as he was unaware of any of this.
Finally we dispersed after taking some joyful pictures all together.
I want to end my report with a quote by Henry Ford- Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.
Lastly after continuous effort, we Patna SHG team have grown up to Five members. Thanks to all the members of little but a great achievement and TISA for giving us this wide platform.
Thanks for reading!
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  1. Sachin 4 years ago

    Good job, guys! Your group is growing up…


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