Acceptance and courage

Its been almost 2.5 years since I came across the concept of acceptance. So I wonder what has changed in between. 
          Before coming across TISA, I used to practice slow speech/prolongation. I learnt it from one of the “cure” speech therapists. I observed that I spoke well with my friends and subordinates at office. But speaking over the telephone was a big challenge,specially when talking to seniors. 
     I used to practice meditation for about half an hour before making a phone call to my seniors. Meditation used to calm my nerves and improve fluency.Also on typical “bad speech days”, I used to avoid or postpone phone calls. 
              Coming to present times, specially during the last few months , I realise that something has changed. I pick up the phone ,dial the number , and say hello-even to my seniors : no matter what is the intensity of my stammering at that particular moment. 
          So I am able to communicate with stammering-I do not need to meditate before every important phone call.So acceptance has definitely given me courage.                  
PS: Mediation, speech exercise and all techniques are wonderful and highly beneficial for our speech,- no doubt about that. But my point is that they should become our dear friends ; not our crutches without which we cannot speak.
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Post Author: Harish Usgaonker

1 thought on “Acceptance and courage


    (November 22, 2015 - 5:30 am)

    Abhishek- you are so right. Acceptance is the FINAL and Ultimate "technique" (Maha-technique!). But not everyone is ready for it. We are at different stages of life: and therefore, we have to work with whatever works for us at that point. In fact other techniques too, slowly promote acceptance : We are using Prolongation because we accept that we are facing an issue and WE need to do something about it..
    Gradually we discover, that being comfortable with our stammering, allows us to focus on content and other "higher order variables" of social interactions.. Unfortunately others can not speed up our evolution along these lines. Others can only create an atmosphere where such an inner change is likely to happen.. That is how I see TISA's role.
    Thanks for sharing your valuable thoughts!

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