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Hi all! In the TISA spirit of transparency, here are the donations for TISA on Milaap & Indiegogo, and expenses for activities that use these funds:A BIG THANK YOU to all those who donated to TISA through these campaigns. You can see who donated by clicking on the Milaap & Indiegogo links. And a BIG THANK YOU to Jugal Hemnani for filming and editing the videos. 

Donations on Milaap
Total raised + Rs.144,050.00
Milaap Fees (-) (Rs.7,202.50)
PG Fees    (-) (Rs.3,776.50) (Payment Gateway)
Service Tax (-) (Rs.1,008.35)
Withdrawn (-) (Rs.78,667.70)
Requested for withdrawal (-) (Rs.53,394.95)

Milaap = 78,667.7 + 53,394.95 = Rs. 1,32,062.65 

Donations on Indiegogo
Raised to date $1,871.00
Indiegogo fees deducted (9.0%) $168.39
Payment processor fees deducted $57.63
Disbursed to Date $1,644.98

Indeigogo – USD$1,644.98 = Rs. 1,07,869.56 at Oct 1st USD to INR rate.

Media Hospitals Pvt. Ltd (Dr. Sachin’s childhood friend)- Rs. 5000 

Total amount raised: 1,32,062.65 + 1,07,869.56 + 5000 = 2,39,932.21 as of Dec 6, 2015


Here are the full expenses for the Facilitator Workshop in Mumbai on Nov 27-28, 2015

Dr. Sachin Flight:
In-bound on Jet Airways (DED-DEL-BOM): INR 540 +13,500 Miles from Dhruv (this is a donation)  

Out-bound on Spice Jet (BOM-DEL-DED): INR 5,970

Cancellation charge of flight as name was spelled wrong:
Used Sachin Srivastava instead of Satyendra Srivastava. The total trip amount was Rs. 11,487, and Rs. 8,287 should be refunded as the cancellation policy is Rs. 1800 cancellation charge per way (total Rs. 3200). I have contacted Clear Trip for this refund and am waiting to hear back from them. I will update here once I hear back. For now, I am not claiming a refund for this.

Dr. Sachin Accommodation:
INR 4796 at OYO Rooms in Powai for four nights, Thursday Nov 26 – Monday Nov 30.

Chai Break (4 times): Rs. 8 (cost per chai) x 20 (number of participants) x 4 = 640. Dhruv paid 340 and Kamal paid 300.

Hence, amount to be refunded to Dhruv: INR 540 (Jet Airways) + INR 5970 (Spice Jet) + INR 4796 (OYO Rooms) + INR 340 (Chai) = INR 11,646

Dr. Sachin paid for his transportation back to the airport, INR 500. He is covering that himself, treated as a donation to TISA. Thank you!

Kamal Yadav will be refunded INR 300. Dhruv will refund this amount to Kamal.

Also, BIG THANK YOU to Kamal for organizing venue in IIT Bombay completely free of charge!


‘Truth never damages a cause that is just.’ – Mahatma Gandhi;

13/12/2016 Update: Cleartrip has processed this refund for only INR 4,100. View here: gmail-refund-processed-for-your-dehradun-mumbai-return-booking-trip-id-1510230778

Total Balance: 2,39,932.21 – 11,646 – 7,387 (11,487 – 4,100) = 220,899.21

People Who Buffer Writer Fee for 5 writers: Nishu Bhansal, Vipul Patil, Anuprita Patil, Anshu Vij, Abhinav Bakshi  – INR 3000 each, TOTAL INR 15000.

New Balance as of 13/12/2016: 220,899.21 – 15000 = INR 205,899.21

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  1. Sachin 4 years ago

    Thanks Dhruv!
    These small practices will make sure that tisa will go a long long way..
    Loved Gandhi quote… Cant believe that he lived and walked this land less than a century ago…
    We live in an interesting time and in an amazing land..


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