A Rejuvenating Sunday Morning

We had a fun-filled and fruitful meeting yesterday in Panaji. The meeting was attended by Dnyanesh, Siddharth, Sachin, Rajesh and Harish. Following were the highlights of the meeting:

We started by introducing not ourselves, but any other members in the group.

Positive Sharing: We all shared one positive incident / thing in our lives. This way, we began the meeting on a positive note.

Dnyanesh shared about his learnings in the Facilitators Workshop he recently attended in Mumbai.

Dnyanesh facilitated the group activity “Zip-Zap-Zop” that he learnt in the workshop in Mumbai.

We all then spoke on “Why we think Stammering is a Gift”. Rajesh shared his wonderful analogies. He motivated everybody to start practicing something – not necessarily a technique, but it could be breathing, meditation, yoga that will bring some discipline in our lives.

Rajesh demonstrated the “Shankh Mudra” meditation technique. We all practiced it in group.

Finally, we all took one pledge to do the next morning. Most of us pledged to start our day with practice (exercises, meditation, yoga or speech practice) in the morning.

All in all, it was a wonderful and constructive way to spend a Sunday morning. 


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  1. Vishal Gupta 4 years ago

    wow harish and goa members. It seems that you guys enjoyed alot. 🙂 thats what I really like about SHG meetings.

  2. Sachin 4 years ago

    Yes, I agree that too much obsession with "techniques" has not served us well in the long run. I think, some of us would benefit by going beyond techniques to something like daily practice of meditation, Hathyog, physical exercise etc.
    Zip-zap-zop is a very nice game (introduced by Noura), demanding total "presence". I got zapped out pretty early in the game in Mumbai..Lot of fun, never the less.


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