Delhi SHG 6th Dec Meeting Report

Members were – (LtoR) Chetan, Daksh, Krati, Mustak, Ravi, Suleman, Vishal, Vikas, Newbie, Devapreeta

What to say?
Meeting was so amazing as it was not only stick to practice and talking but it
had lot of ingredients of knowing each other with a cup of coffee and after
that walk in the streets of CP’s and a little more outing in some holy places
like Gurudwara and Church with some selfies and snaps.

We included following activities.
Set a ground rules publicly and sharing techniques.
Icebreaker with different style (a little humor and a little bit techniques).
Speech with question & answer.
Fixed our goal for the upcoming week.

A quick podcast with Newbie

Singhal :
  MBA holder from ISB,
working in Ford and talking in each and every situations with her stammering
but no matter how is her stammering the only thing she always feel about her
life is to be confident and don’t giveup.
  • Quality : – Crips Voice, Hand Gestures are quite impressive and
  • What she earned from this meeting   –  She
    was so happy to see confidence in others members she got to know bit more about
    acceptance and learned few techniques.

2     2.     Mustak :  working in IT company, he is quite clean
from the heart and started to dealing with his situation with stammering.
  • Quality :  He is bit shyfull
    and at the same time impressive to explain things.
  • What he earned from this meeting 
    – He always had one problem with his boss, he stammers like hell with
    his boss so after meetup he has got lot more positive vibration so now he
    decided to meet his boss face to face and tell him about his stammering and
    start to live freely.

Best Disciplined
member of the day award
goes to Suleman
for his Bravo Effort. What he achieved in just one week meeting, how to work on
secondary symptoms how to use Bouncing
occasionally that’s really impressive that shows the power of Bouncing  or in
other terms power of Acceptance

Congrats Suleman,
Tussi cha gaye
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Post Author: Vishal Gupta

2 thoughts on “Delhi SHG 6th Dec Meeting Report


    (December 9, 2015 - 9:46 am)

    U guys organize the meeting in a very impressive way…I like one thing that u people introduce various new activities….I am learning a lot of things from u guys….Chalte raho


    (December 9, 2015 - 10:04 am)

    We extend Welcome to all newcomers to their "biological" family!! Hurray..
    Krati, Mustak, Suleman and all all are welcome.
    (Nice to see our bungy jumper there!)

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