33 percent of people are PWS :) at my work place

Dear All,

I am happy to tell you that 33 % of my colleagues are PWS.
My Boss name is Milind Chitgupkar.

He strongly believes in hardwork, good attitude towards learning things and implementing them at work in a smart way.
He has been seeing me from last 3 plus years.
Many a times he said that we will recruit some people from your TISA.
I referred two TISA members and he recruited them into our company as team members.
So now we are 3 PWS at office.
For those 2 members at interview he simply said one thing, i believe in Rajesh so i am giving you job.
There was no formal interview taken.
Here the greatest thing is belief.
Belief that my boss has on Hardwork, Attitude.
He knows that only Hardwork and Attitude and smart work alone can prosper the company.
That is what all needed. I sometimes think why not whole world think in this way so that no PWS will be jobless.
I still stammer in many moments, But he still makes me face clients at first interactions without any doubt.
He makes me talk to big clients in conference calls without a second thought and that too makes me take the call single handed.
He is strict at work and as hard as diamond with no compromise kind.
Yes he do bash me many a times, I used to feel bad but i realized once that because of he being that way, I have grown to this level.
Like how TISA, TISA mentors, family and friends have a special role in charging my life even my Boss has a role.
Its a world of hardwork, attiude and smartwork, So better stick to it now to stop complaining of being lost at later.
I believe more people will understand what stammering is and consider PWS are just another style of speakers in this diversified world and we are able in a different way.
At end i feel two things shall change, one is non-PWS and other is PWS.
Yes PWS shall also change, we need to see the world what we wanted to see and for that we shall believe in ourselves first.
Now a days whenever i stammer, i remember death and feel that stammering is nothing and very small thing before death 🙂

Rajesh V
TISA Hyderabad Chapter.


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  1. admin 4 years ago

    Thanks Rajesh, for sharing your experience.
    yes every Person represents many communities during his behaviour at every place. a good deed or hard work can return many folds to us, our next generation or to our communities.

    i also observed same , when i left north india, to join govt job in south india. there many people helped me a lot, as they got help during their north India tour .

  2. sachin 4 years ago

    Congrats Rajesh..
    And thank your boss on behalf of myself and all of us in TISA..
    You are right: In stead of feeling bad for ourselves, we can go ahead, work hard and make our well-deserved place in the world..

  3. admin 4 years ago

    Thanks Sachin ji and Hemanth.
    I will thank my Boss on behalf of you.


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