Friends, Romans and fellow stammerers..

(Update: Mohit’s theater group had gone to Bihar for a competition. He is back with this news “I am back !! I went to Bihar with my theater group for the play. We won the first prize !! Soon I’ll write an article on the blog about it with pictures……………….)

These words, merrily paraphrased by me, originally come from a Shakespeare play. I grew up thinking that drama is not meant for stammerers. No teacher challenged that misconception. Later, in Voluntary sector, I got many chances of doing role plays and helping others to do role plays – as a training tool. I discovered that role plays are the best tool to help people discover their values, beliefs – and explore a different set of behaviors and attitudes. And stammering was no barrier. Mohit, Sumit and many more of us in TISA are coming to same conclusions through our own different paths..
In this video interview, Mohit talks not just about theater, one’s ability to see oneself in a comic light and enjoy- he also talks about how to keep one’s balance while navigating relationships in LIFE. Mohit has been coordinating Dehradun SHG for quite sometime and has a very positive aura. I loved interviewing him!


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  1. admin 4 years ago

    bahut achche Mohit.. mazaa aa gya tumhara interview dekh k 🙂

  2. lashdinesh 4 years ago

    Wow! Great going Mohit.
    This also breaks a very popular misconception that people are not supportive towards pws. World wants to help those who want to help themselves!
    Animesh's from Bangalore shg has a similar story!
    Thank you Sirji for taking the interview and sharing it! We will try to follow suit! 🙂

  3. Sachin 4 years ago

    Thank you, Abhishek and Dinesh!!
    Yes, we often carry a negative image of society – a Hangover from our childhood- and we continue to replay and relive that image, without ever trying to cross check the reality NOW.

    This is why "Stammering Interviews" have been very popular in Communication workshops. Almost everyone confesses afterwards: "I never thought that people can be so supportive!"
    I think we should do a Reality check every now and then, in stead of assuming anything..

    Interviewing Mohit was great fun, of course!


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