Bangalore SHG meeting: January 10, 2016

WELL WELL WELL the most happening day of
the week had begun. I was right on time, very energetic to attend the today’s
SHG meeting, with a firm intuition that something good is going to happen today J
Well i am going to use first
person narration, since the same page would go into my daily journal (OOOHHHH
yes, i am trying to make amends with my past and have started writing, yay!)

So when i reached Cubbon Park, it
was 09:50 am and surprisingly i could see 7-8 people sitting under the big hut. We didn’t
realize that till 10 am, 90% of the crowd had gathered at the hut. If i go down
the memory lane, it was the first “on the time” meeting!
So 18 people attended the
meeting: Me (Mansi), Swarnalatha, Prathibha, Janani, Jonali, Dinesh (Sir!), Teja
(SuperTeja!), Nishil, Anshuman, Mohit, Sidharth, Hari Krishna, Rajesh, Pramod,
Bharat, Anita, Faruque and Sudhanshu
. It was good to see a lot of new faces and
a few familiar faces after a long time. It was kinda grand one. 
The first round was an erratic styled introduction round.
All of us voluntarily came up and introduced ourselves. Most of us talked about
what we did in last week or about our new year celebrations/resolutions. I
learned that a lot of people apart from me are crazy about Sherlock (no doubt
Benedict Cumberbatch makes us that way!). 
Few of us discussed about the books we read or movies we watched. The
session ended well with Dinesh’s inspiration: Chota Bheem. So far so good!
Nextly, we discussed about the
most brutal “Monkey Man” in our lives- Stammering. The topic was-
what all we lost because of stammering. So most of us discussed about our
school memories, facing rejections in job interviews, failures in personal
relationships and marriage, loss of self-esteem and loss of confidence. Well according to me, we all are in a same boat
when it comes to stammering. We all have lost too much because of stammering. I
myself cleared all the 15 entrances i gave and failed 14 interviews before i
actually stepped into PhD. We all have painful memories, rejections both on
personal and professional front, which have made us the way we are. But the truth always remain hidden, which is: WE ARE MUCH
Dinesh illustrated it in a way that motivated all of us – ”
We should focus on what all barriers of success we need to cross apart from
fluency- these barriers include the following these traits- confidence,
knowledge, attitude towards failure and so on.” We concluded well by having a poll: Is stammering “one of the cause” or “the cause” of our failures? Most of us voted for: Stammering is one of the cause of our failures. Dinesh summarized by stating that if we focus on the other causes of our failures then things might get a little easy. 
Moving ahead with the
meeting, we helped Anshuman prepare for this US visa interview and wished him
good luck: “Ja, jee le apni zindagi”.
Nextly, Mohit gave his life’s first
ever speech on EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE. The talk started with questions about
defining EI. Few of us explained it in a clear manner. Mohit then focussed on
the components of EI, i.e. self
awareness, Motivation, empathy, self-regulation and social skills.
sentence of his talk lead towards a step deeper into self realization. I feel
everyone of us registered a lot into our accounts while listening. One interesting question was raised: how to handle over emotional people or people who cry too much? The answers varied according to varying scenarios such as- if a person is genuinely hurt or just seeking attention. On a lighter note, i would like to mention that crying is purely a biochemical process, and noone can do anything about it. For me, the talk
ended with N number of questions- which i hope to answer in a long run. Is it
for real that a person with high Emotional Quotient (EQ) does not go into
depression? Can a person actually have an EQ high enough to help others/solve
other’s problems but still be really emotional to solve his/her problems? Is it
possible that a person who seems to have a good EQ take people’s demerits into
account while judging them? Intense questions to think upon.
To end the session, Dinesh talked
about orphan kids and how they battle with their emotions throughout their
lives with noone to talk to.  Oh it was
an “emotional gyan” which i cant even remember as of now. Later, we
discussed about our plans to visit RUVA foundation, an orphanage and gift them
. We terminated the meeting with Teja’s hometown sweets: sugar
coated Gulab Jamun and a groupie.
For people who are part of Bangalore SHG group who missed today’s
meeting, we are planning to visit RUVA foundation as an activity in next SHG i.e. on Jan 17, 2016 from 11:30 am to
3:30 pm. Those of you (apart from today’s members) who wants to accompany us
can contact: Teja (9966345829) or Pramod (8880306060). Suggestions
about activity planning are most welcome.

Here is the pic:

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  1. Jonali 4 years ago

    A wonderful report Mansi..!!

  2. admin 4 years ago

    Vivid description of the meeting..

  3. lashdinesh 4 years ago

    Super report Mansi.. Sharing it as a first person experience makes the meeting come alive for readers!! Thanks.
    In the meeting, everyone shared their journey/feelings directly from the heart..
    No rules.. no regulations – uninhibited sharing..
    We also had 2 uninvited guests from the park!! First they heard us for sometime from far, then they could not resist themselves and joined the group to listen to us..

  4. Sachin 4 years ago

    One def of EQ: To be able to read other's emotions and respond appropriately.. (Ex. If you can grasp the hidden disappointment of a child- may be because he failed some test – and get her/him laughing in a few minutes, your EQ is probably quite high..)

    Trust Mohit to come up with unusual topics..!!
    Congrats everyone..

  5. admin 4 years ago

    Awesome report Mansi…while reading I could imagine the whole meeting in front of my eyes…this is called excellent report dear

  6. Avinash Sheshadri 4 years ago

    Hello guys,
    I am a software Engineer working in Juniper Networks. I am new to this Association. I am also one among you guys who have this stammering. I dont consider it as a problem now so, I didnt mention it as "Stammering problem":)
    Yes, I am using so many techniques to avoid this and yeaah, Result is pretty much positive but still some traces lifet behind. I would love to meet you all to share my experience and get to learn something from you all. Please let me know whom to contact and when is the next meeting.
    Looking forward to it.


    • lashdinesh 4 years ago

      Teja (9966345829) or Pramod (8880306060

  7. Rameshbabu Ginela 4 years ago

    good report


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