Introducing Mr. Sumit Kumar to TISA

Mr. Sumit Kumar, a PWS from Patiala  was in contact with me from last around 2
months through his father Shri Ramesh Kumar. He had obtained my number through
TISA site. His father wanted to know about the cure from a disease named
Stammering, thinking me that I am a doctor. I clarified that I am not a doctor
and further stammering is not a disease and no medicine is available for it. I
requested him to ask his son  to meet me
at Chandigarh. But Sumit was hesitant. After some pursuations ultimately
yesterday Sumit made a visit to my office and we had a chat for around an hour.
Sumit Kumar is 22. He is B.Tech in Computer Science from MIMIT, Malout, Punjab.
Presently he is undergoing a soft training in computer science from Chandigarh.
After allowing him to introduce himself and asking him about his attitude
towards stammering I explained about the concept of acceptance. Further
stammering is not a disease and it cannot be cured but can successfully managed
to a much extent. The basic three reasons associated with stammering i.e.
Biological, Psychological and Social explained step by step. Further the three
areas for working i.e. Breath, Speed and Excitement also explained. It was nice
to notice that after some time he was talking openly about stammering. I added
him to  Chandigarh WhattsApp SHG. I
realized that now we have three PWS from Patiala. I motivated him to form a SHG
at Patiala with Anupinder Singh and also gave his number. After the meeting he
was feeling much relaxed. He was requested to remain connected with TISA Blogs.
His mobile no is 99146 23555.   What I am feeling that still awareness about
TISA is not much among people. We need to do something about it.
May all beings be Happy, Peaceful and Liberated.
Jasbir Singh
99150 06377


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