Communication Workshop 2016 in Dehradun, 24th Jan- 26th Jan, 2016

Comm WS Report 
Media: Times of India, Daily Pioneer, Amazing Pics (Thank you, Ashish Lakra)
Day 1: About 20 participants. Many from Delhi. One from Vijaywada. One from Makrana, Rajasthan. One from Jaunpur. A senior couple (Dhruv’s parents) from Punjab. After a little intro and a little conceptual background, participants were requested to conduct mutual “stammering Interviews”. Then, they went to local market for practicing the skills with strangers – also had lunch.

We gathered again at SR ashram by 3 pm. The scripts for role plays were distributed. Participants quickly went thru the scripts and assigned roles to their members. Some energizers. Some free flowing discussions – about stammering, its nature, why this or that.. We ended by 5 pm. But how can you end the ongoing discussions among pws..? Never.
So, many participants went to FRI, to carry on..

Day 2: We began at 9.30 am. Four participants (Vikas, Mohit, Ashish, Vishal) were sent off to MCF to interview the team there. Rest of us went to Gandhi Park in the heart of the city. Mrs Kathuria spoke to the person I/C of District Information Departments’ pandal in the park; As a result she got us the mike, stage and the entire venue for free (you see, why we should be involving our parents in our struggles and missions..?).

We did role plays, to cheering audience. Some ex-tempore stuff, songs, Dr APJ speech by Abhay etc etc. We concluded with an on the spot role play: A funny Scene from a moving local bus. Mohit was the conductor in the great hurry. All the pws were the passengers. Buying the ticket was the crux of the play. We all had LOTS of fun.. We ended with slogan- Haklao magar Pyar se.. to which audience also joined.

Two hours later, the scene changed: we were at FRI. The vast lawns. With a mighty backdrop of a huge Victorian building.. We again staged some plays; feedback round- some fun, Ravi Teja did a Rajnikant act (mind it) – and then we returned to SR Ashram for more of unstructured discussion.. till cold and hunger made it impossible to stand and talk..

Day 3
The day began at 9.30 am with some informal feedback and discussion. Pramod ji gave a very nice Republic day speech, followed by the group singing Indian national anthem.

Shyam Sundar ji gave us a good presentation about marble industry. Ravi Teja gave a thought provoking talk about the recent suicide by a Research scholar at Hyderabad.

Random topics were given from a bowl full of small slips. Abhay did time-keeping. Outside under the trees, an interview panel was organised, consisting of Mrs Kathuria, Mr Fakhruddin Sheikh and Ms Indira Ramesh. Most interviewee did feel the heat but also enjoyed it. It was a good learning experience.

Madhav had a little stomach upset. Others were having un-ending discussions. Delhi group had planned to have the next communication workshop in Delhi – sometime in April. Some participants had plans of visiting Mussoorie (dont worry about the cold!).

Two new participants had come from Dehradun itself. They were quite impressed by our show at Gandhi park, in the heart of the town. They were advised to keep in touch with local SHG through Whatsapp. They too had their chance of giving ex-tempore presentations. At one point, we had a very interesting discussion about: In an arranged marriage, should the boy tell the girl about stammering in advance? (we will share the answer in the next workshop!!). We dispersed at 2 pm after group photo shoot. We hope to start a unit in TISA, dealing with families of PWS, with help from Dhruv’s parents..

Tentative Schedule: Day 1 (24th Jan)

9.30-10.30 am: Intro; Logistics; plan ahead
10.30 – 11.00 am: Intro to Acceptance, eye contact,
11.00 – 12 noon: Mutual Interview in pairs and sharing in
12 noon- 1.30pm : Outdoor exercise – Nearby market; FRI Gate
etc. Ask questions using: Good eye contact & bouncing. Then, have Lunch
3-4 pm: Intro to Prolongation, Pausing, Voluntary stammering
4-5 pm: Feedback (in sub-groups) on Outdoor exercise using –
Bouncing, Eye-contact, smiling, Prolongation, Pausing, Voluntary stammering
(VS) etc.
5pm: Go out for a walk or just relax and socialize.. Study the
script and prepare for the Theater.
Day 2 (25th Jan)
After breakfast: Everyone goes to Gandhi Park in SUPERVISED
small groups in local bus- demonstrating Bouncing etc. Everyone buys their own
At Gandhi Park: First, approach others and tell them about
TISA. Then, do your play. Two play will be done simultaneously followed by
feedback (a little distance from each other, in two large groups).
Then, in small groups, we will go for lunch close by. There
are many eating places.
After Lunch- one more round of plays: especially for those
who want a second chance. Then, return to SR Ashram by 5 pm (by bus, Vikram etc.).
5-6 pm: Open session – anyone can get up and talk or sing or
do a solo skit or whatever..
Submit your topic (3) for presentation next day, to
Day 3 (26th Jan)
9.30 – 1 pm: At SR Ashram: three groups.
Interview group will conduct Mock Interviews for
those who want to practice interviews. They should submit a brief bio-data
beforehand to the panel. Any question can be asked.
Presentation group: One of the 3 topics will be
randomly assigned to anyone, to come up and give a brief presentation (3-5
minutes). Feedback to presenters will be given at the END of the session. 
Mutual Videography and feedback
1-3 pm: Group photo, Lunch
3 -5 pm: Open session- anyone can ask any question. Any
feedback also welcome.

5 pm disperse………………………………………………..END.

Fund Calculations

Total Registration Amount Collected- Rs 1700


Tea- Rs 450
Staff Tip- Rs 300

Balance Amount– Rs 950

This amount will be used for the general expenditures of TISA Dehradun SHG.

Update: The map (left) shows two approaches to Sita Ram Ashram in Vasant Vihar Phase 1; Top one is via Chakrata road. The bottom one is via Kanwali Road. There is a board (YOGA) outside the ashram. Cheers!
If you reach Dehradun in the middle of night and cant get any conveyance- then spend the night in any hotel near by. Near Railway station (and near ISBT) there are some hotels. Try and tell us before hand:

  • Mohit Dwivedi (Dehradun SHG) – 8057032220 (+whatsapp), 8272032220 
  • Dayal Singh Dhapola :  9897424809
  • Ashish Lakra – 7895263680, 8826799156

Bring woolens (sweater, gloves etc.) and a jacket if possible. It will be COLD here. Also, bring a small notebook/ diary and pen with you. Plus LOT of courage and sense of HUMOR. Please note: Sita Ram Ashram is a “No addiction” zone (no smoking/ drinking/ tobacco etc.). 

Dehradun SHG is pleased to announce next 3 day FREE Communication workshop in Dehradun, 2/3rd week of Jan 2016. Let us begin the new year with a new mindset. Tentative dates are:24 (Sunday), 25 (Monday), 26 (Republic day)


Workshop Dates- 24-26th January, 2016
Workshop Timings- 9:00 am – 5:00 pm
Workshop Venue- Sita Ram Ashram, Phase 1, Vasant Vihar, Dehradun.

What is the Total Expenditure/Cost of the Workshop ?
TISA does NOT charge any fees for conducting the workshops. These workshops are absolutely free of cost. But yes, we do collect some registration amount for the expenses like transportation, stationery, etc. Here we have listed the costing details. These are approximate figures and the amount may vary slightly.
Registration Fees- Rs 100 (Will be collected on the first day)
Lodge/Room Charges- Rs 300 per person for 1 Day. Rooms are available on sharing basis.
Food Charges- Rs 60 for Breakfast, Rs 100 for Lunch, Rs 100 for Dinner. Rs 10 for Tea.
So in all, the total cost for a single person will be approximately Rs 570 for a day excluding the one time registration fees.
Where is the Lodge/Guest House located ?
The lodging arrangements are made at Sita Ram Ashram in 10/1, Phase 1, Vasant Vihar, Dehradun. This is located in the posh colony of Vasant Vihar in Dehradun. The place is very good, neat and clean, easily accessible from Railway station and ISBT. 
Its around 5 km from Dehradun Railway Station and around 7 km from Dehradun ISBT.

How to Reach Sita Ram Ashram ?

You can arrive at the ashram by either private transport like auto/taxi or you can come by public transport.

If you are coming by private transport, you need to mention the address as:

Sita Ram Ashram,
10/1, Phase 1 Vasant Vihar,
Near Vasant Vihar Police Station,

From Dehradun Railway Station, it may cost you around Rs 100-120 and from ISBT it may cost around 150.

If you are coming by public transport, you can take blue colored autos called “VIKRAM” or blue colored public buses.

If you are coming from Railway Station, you can take public bus going towards Premnagar and ask the conductor to drop you at Phase 1, Vasant Vihar, Opposite FRI.

You can also take Vikram numbered 8(eight) going towards Anurag Nursery. Ask the driver to drop you at Balliwala Chowk. From Balliwala Chowk take the public bus going towards Premnagar. Ask the conductor to drop you at Phase 1, Vasant Vihar, Opposite FRI. From there, its a 100 meter walk to the ashram. It will cost you around Rs 15-20 .

If you are coming from ISBT, directly take the public bus for Premnagar. Ask the conductor to drop you at Phase 1, Vasant Vihar, Opposite FRI. From there, its a 100 meter walk to the ashram. It will cost you around Rs 15-20.


For Registration—        


If you want to know about the workshop content and methods, follow the given links:

For Queries Contact

  • Mohit Dwivedi (Dehradun SHG)
  1. Mobile- 8057032220, 8272032220
  2. E mail-
  3. Whatsapp- 8057032220

  • Hemant Jangid

  1. Mobile- 7589423371
  2. E mail-

  • Dayal Singh Dhapola 

  1. Mobile- 9897424809
  2. E mail-

  • Ashish Lakra

  1. Mobile- 7895263680, 8826799156
  2. E mail-


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  1. Sachin 4 years ago

    Great! This is like Mohit : Meticulous and well thought out!
    Thanks Mohit!

  2. Vishal Gupta 4 years ago

    Mohit the leader …. keep it up

  3. Sachin 4 years ago

    Friends, 17 registrations.
    Make it twenty – More people, more fun, more drama, more discussion..
    Take three days out and experience Vasant Vihar in Dehradun. A nice place to hang out with cool kids..

  4. Sachin 4 years ago

    Hemant told me:Yesterday more than 50 mail of enquiry or registration received from Andra pradesh after publishing article in lead Telugu news paper. Even 5 Telugu persons registered for dehradun workshop. TISA should plan a workshop in Hydrabad in February..

  5. Sachin 4 years ago

    On second thoughts: HYD shg can and shud organise comm ws in hyderabad… No?

  6. kraviteja 4 years ago

    Hi friends I won't eat dinner at night. Can dinner money is excluded. Thq

  7. admin 4 years ago

    i agree with sachin sir. Hydrabad SHG should plan a comn workshop as
    85 mail of enquiry or registration to TISA received from Andra pradesh after publishing article in lead Telugu news paper enaadu since Sunday 10th Jan. morning

  8. admin 4 years ago

    29 registrations so far. People register as soon as possible. Registrations will be closed soon !!


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