TISA Delhi SHG Meeting- 21st February, 2016

I am Shailender Kumar Vinayak. I reach venue Central Park around 11:10 am. That time already 3 members reached. In this meeting around 9 members come. We start meeting with meditation and we also talk about importance of meditation for stammering then we did lots of activities like introduction story building, parchi round etc. All the people have fun there. In our meeting this time a speech language pathologist student also come who is studying about stammering and did a small survey about stammering and solve many queries of stammerers. After that we did strangers talk. All the persons enjoyed very much. Our group do stranger talk every type of persons like old people, college students, girls, couples, foreigner lady etc. All participants enjoyed lot of and not want to stop stranger talk. After that we go out for snacks and tea.

Shailender Vinayak


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