New faces in TISA

Today Sumit a TISA member from Patiala brought his friend Shubham Rana from Jalandhar to my office. Patiala has already started SHG with Anupinder as Lead. At present there are around 6 members and they are growing. We discussed about the basic principle of Acceptance and how to work on it.I requested him to regularly read TISA blogs.He was also motivated to start a SHG at Jalandhar. Before that he has been asked to attend a few meetings at Chandigarh to which he agreed. It was nice to see that he has no hesitation with his stammering and was openly discussing about it. Awareness about Stammering has grown a lot due to TISA. I think we can repay the debt by only motivating more and more PWS to start SHG at their respective places. The meeting ended with an assurance to meet on Sunday morning at Sector 42 lake Chandigarh.
May all beings progress on the path of communication.

Jasbir Singh
99150 06377

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  1. Sachin 4 years ago

    Great job, Jasbir ji.
    More and more such young people will one day change the social attitude-
    which is a real problem.
    Thanks for sharing..


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