A Word of Caution

Balaji from Bangalore wants to share his experience with an Recruitment Consultancy. Balaji writes: 
Ms Jyothi from M/s Kansas Overseas Career, Hyderabad, called me for Canada PR and I told her “No” because of my Speech problem. But she called for 2 months continuously and convinced me. She told me to pay Rs 1140 for my profile evaluation. Then she told that I am eligible to apply for Canada PR and told me to pay Rs 78,660 to proceed further.
But I told her that I will pay after my IELTS exam. She told me about “Early bird discount”. If I pay within a week the fees will be Rs 62700. I also paid the money with lot of difficulties to save Rs 15960.

I got 5.5 only in speaking test due to my speech problem, got 6 & above in other sections. They told to write IELTS again even if they know that I cannot get required score in speaking test as it requires fluency. I paid Rs 10,600 for IELTS exam. In the 6 months after they got money, they have not done anything. When I ask them to refund my money, they are saying no refund.
While this is no indication that PWS will not be able to clear IELTS examination, it’s always good to take a cautious decisions when it comes to spending your money. Stammering or no stammering, there will be many commercial entities which will try to lure consumers with lucrative offers and attractive terms like “Early Bird discount”. It is up to us to spend our money wisely and responsibly. Finally, sincere, dedicated efforts and adequate preparedness will always pay back with great results, including clearing the IELTS with flying colours. 
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Post Author: Harish Usgaonker

1 thought on “A Word of Caution


    (March 3, 2016 - 7:27 am)

    Thanks Harish for sharing this!

    I think it is a timely warning for all of us.
    How long will we be fooled? And why dont we learn from our and others' experiences?
    Dear readers, please feel free to share whatever you think.. There are no rights and no wrongs here.. Just opinions.
    (Bala Ji, you too deserve a big THANKS for sharing your experience courageously so that others are saved from such practices..)

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