Are the present SHG therapy effective to the modern day challenges

Enough has been written, said and talked about stammering,so I would chose to skip that with regards to stammering and how it affects us in worst possible ways.
However its very important to note that,that since Communication is something we chose to do about
,by-product of which might be stutter free speech,there are certain aspects of communication which is seldom discussed.In this article I would like to throw some light on those aspects and how can you easily help yourself as I have done it for myself.

For Megan washington it was her music,for Hrithik it was his acting, for Winston churchil it was his politics.for Jim davis it was his cartoons, Dylan Jones it was his journalism and David Mitchell it was his  novels. I would suggest you to Google List of stutterers leading to Wikipedia page and see it yourself.

Communication is about  ‘imparting or exchanging of information by speaking, writing, or using some other medium according to Google
Better communication is inevitably due to Clarity in thoughts and thoughts clarity comes from reading and listening and watching carefully.The key word is “carefully”.The reason why I am saying is though we think we listen quite well but the fact remains as we tend to overlook ‘words’ unconsciously owing to some prejudices that may stem through earlier experience with the topic at hand,or the speaker concerned.
It raises questions as to what can be done with regards to this unconscious yet unwanted habit which has done more harm to us than benefited.Lets discuss these one by one.
The best practice available around us to sharpen our listening is to tune in National news channel ‘debates’ of ABP,Zee News or Times now with a pen and paper.The reason is,views and narrative are expressed by peoples no less than chairperson or National spokespersons of party like sambit patra,chairman of  Reputed companly like Rahul bazaz,famous authors like chetan bhagat,top academicians from top Universities,Editors of magazines like outlook to name a few.

My understanding so far is ,those at the top know to communicate well,that is why they are the saying goes ‘half the leadership is about communicating  well’.There you learn how to answer a question explicitly and implicitly,how to relate informations to reach a conclusion ‘you’ want to put before,how to make insinuations,how to dodge a question and many other things.

There you  learn a very hard fact that ‘every event is a matter of interpretations,from charity to terrorism.from education to crimes.The point I want to make is there you learn how to respond.

Other thing that people in general and stammerers in particular should do is to make journalling a habit.Most of us are daunted to give it a try citing some convincing excuses such as ‘ I can’t write,because I don’t have good word stock, some other will say ‘Who will read what I write’.We need to be wary of these thoughts as they look quite convincing at very first place but the question is ‘ where do we go by Shrugging the responsibility for poor word stock?,How do we know who will read before writing a column? These are certain things that should be meditated upon.

Self-Help groups can help it become more channelised.Here is how

(a) Participants may carry popular Hindi or English newspapers with them at the mutually agreed venue
(b) They take up a article and any volunteer should read it aloud a bit slowly,and other would take note of the points they feel worth noting or listen to it alone with the intention of writing as many things they remember.
(c) 10-15 Min given to each of them for writing a short note.
(d) President of that meeting should put up a picture of that news article along with the short articles written by others as  a Blog in Tisa forum.

Now comes the very important part,those who go through the blog is expected to encourage and give an honest reviews on those individual articles.

I wanted to write more on this topic but wants to hear from the fellow stammerers and SHG co-ordinators their views on the above.

Post Author: Harish Usgaonker

2 thoughts on “Are the present SHG therapy effective to the modern day challenges


    (March 14, 2016 - 4:13 pm)

    Very true Kundan. Speaking, writing, listening, reading- ALL are inter-related skills and strengthen each other. In order to speak well, we must read well, write well etc. etc. We need to look at "speaking" in a more holistic way.. Ideas you suggest are simple but very effective.

    Dear Readers- may I share that Kundan has been Practicing, what he is suggesting here? Check this link:

    Thx Kundan; keep sharing.. Even if one pws reads and benefits, you have done your good deed of the day.. So, keep writing and keep pushing the envelop..


    (March 18, 2016 - 7:11 am)

    Thanks for sharing this activity which will encourage writing and journaling… Writing surely helps. It helped me in those dark days.. and still helps me in the ups and downs.

    This is something which we will try.

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