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Hello all,
   We were around 7 people for the meetup
Eshwar,Govind,Surya,Ramu,Shiva Sai,Shiva Reddy,Anjaneyulu. As me and Surya entered the park we found Eshwar and Govind, who are waiting for other people. We found a cool place and were about start the meeting mean while Shiva Sai,Shiva Reddy and Anjaneyulu had joined us.                    
After settling down we started the meeting with 5min of meditation. And then a formal introduction round. After that we discussed and decided to have table topic round where a person will be given topic from the group and he should speak on that for 3 min.
          It was followed by sharing experiences of stammering,here each few of group members had shared their experience which they faced because stammering and felt happy for being with TISA.And then we went for roleplay round. This  time it was interesting because group members voluntary involved and helped the participant to act more effectively in the role which was assigned to them. We enjoyed throughout the activity. After that we went for loud shouting activity. We spread in straight line and spoke with each other in high pitch voice. At 12:50pm we finished our last activity and gathered whished each other,signed off..

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Post Author: Harish Usgaonker