Delhi SHG meeting on 10th April | Host Amit Dixit

Delhi SHG 10 April 

Venue : Janter Manter
Timing : 11am to 2:30 pm 

Host :Amit Dixit
Co-Hosts : Jagriti and Gaurav 

For any query contact Amit Dixit – 9654176670

Agenda for the meeting

1. Meditation, 
2. Introduction in an interesting way. ?
 3. Goal setting for the meeting. 
4 . Icebreaker questions round. 
5. Two truth one wish game play. 
6) catch the ball. 
7)Questions & Cross questions round, 
8) Act, react and guess game play.
9) read and win. 
10) play a scene with team. 
11) feedback 
12) pack up. 

Few other attractions. 

1) star of the meeting award. 
2) Small gifts.
Agenda is tentative.. Few changes could be made.. Will be informed.

For any query contact Amit Dixit – 9654176670

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Post Author: Vishal Gupta