Dehradun SHG Meeting at Gandhi Park on 10th April

Dehradun SHG Meeting #2016

Host : Sachin Srivastava

Date : 10th April

Timing : 2 pm

Venue : Gandhi park

We were 7 people, Ravinder singh,Vipul Aarsh,Vivek puri,Shivang mehta,Gaurav sajvan,Suraj and Sachin sir.

This time we had 3 new members.Shivang from Pune,Vivek from hoshiarpur  and suraj from jollygrant.

We started the meeting with the formal introduction and past experiences with stammering and
practiced the techniques of Bouncing, prolongation and pausing.The next activity was stranger talk,in which we talked to strangers and the new members did pretty well.Then the old members counseled
the new members about stammering  and  the importance of Acceptance.

The next activity was voluntary stuttering in which every member had to stammered on own name an then corrected it by bouncing.

The next activity was Role playing,in which Ravinder played the role of Bus conductor and the other members had to ask for the ticket for their respective destinations.

Our last activity was catching the ball and story building in which  The first person must reveal something interesting about the story and then throw the ball to the second person.The second person also reveals something about story and throws it on to the next person and So on.

We ended the meeting with a cup of tea and got the valuable suggestions from our beloved Sachin Sir.

Thanks you

Ravinder Singh.

Dehradun SHG – Mohit – 8057032220, 8272032220, E mail-


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  1. admin 4 years ago

    Attended first SHG Meeting and was very good experience under the guidence of Mr Sachin Sir and thanks to all participants for participation.

  2. ravinder singh 4 years ago

    It is always great to be a part of dehradun shg meetings.Aur Sachin sir ko dekhte he confidence double ho jata hai


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