The Story Begins Part 1

Stammering has affected me all my life. So to overcome this problem there was only one person who could tell me how to do it- Dr Sachin Shrivastva . So I decided to meet him in Dehra dun .
Date : 10th April 2016
I was supposed to meet Sachin sir in Gandhi park at 2 o clock. I reached the park about time and already found sachin sir waiting for me . It was an shg meeting where I met other people who stammer ( pws ) . I met Vivek first. We introduced ourselves and talked about our stuttering while our dads talked to sachin sir . After that we met ravinder who who taught us basic techniques for improving communication like prolongation, bouncing and pausing. Then sachin sir joined us and taught us some more things about stuttering. He told us about voluntary stuttering which I found very fascinating. All my life I have been living in a fear that people will judge me if I stutter . And that fear itself caused more stuttering. So voluntary stuttering is about being fear less and to become fear less sachin sir told us to willingly stutter in front of people not caring what they think. I tried this. I met a couple of people and I started stuttering voluntarily and I found myself in a position which was fearless. I stuttered horribly but one thing that was different this time was that I was not afraid . This was very different for me and I actually felt good about it.
Stuttering gets worse with strangers. So to improve this sachin sir told to use these techniques with strangers . He then made us introduce ourselves to strangers. We did. It was very difficult in the beginning. But then it turned out to be fun. What I found out was people don’t think much about us when we stutter. They were honestly interested in listening. This changed my perception of what strangers think about pws.
Then 3 more people joined us. Vipul , suraj and Gaurav. We did role playing using all the techniques. We even talked to more strangers.
After this sachin sir held some activities which helped us understand the application of the techniques which we had learned earlier. One activity was that sachin sir gave us a word and we had to make sentences one by one such that each sentence connects every other sentence making a story. We used various techniques using this.
-Shivang Mehta
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    (April 12, 2016 - 5:35 pm)

    Thanks Shivang!
    It is my privilege to spend this time with you and Vivek! I love it!

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