The story continues – with sachin sir and Mohit Dwivedi

Date 12th April 2016

Today was very different in a challenging way. Me and Vivek met Sachin sir at 9 30 am. The thing about stammering is that it gets worse with strangers and at that very moment it really bothers what that person is thinking when we stammerers get stuck at a block .So to confront this situation Sachin sir took us to a mall . He told us to make a list of questions about what the general public know about stammering like it was some some kind of research . So we started interviewing different people about what they think about stammering using all the techniques. In conclusion we found that people had a fair idea about stammering and they took it in a positive way . A major percentage of people thought that stammering has something to do with lack of confidence and once they are confident enough stammerers can overcome it.Some people also thought that if a person has a severe stutter he should not work in a speaking department. This means that communication plays an important role while your dealing with public. So the main focus should be on communication. We should be able to manage our stutter in way that the other person is getting what we are trying to say. It’s okay if you get stuck because its all about what you communicate instead of how fluent you communicate. Here we got a different perspective about what people really think about stammerers plus we also developed a confidence while talking to strangers. Personally I was always very afraid of talking to strangers but after this I can confidently say that now I am not. Overall the experience was like a roller coaster , felt very bumpy and terrifying in the beginning but satisfied at the end because I finally took the ride that I was dreading for years.I survived this ride only because sachin sir were sitting beside guiding me through all the ups and downs of the ride but in future I’ll have to learn to enjoy this ride on my own fearlessly.

After this I and Vivek met Mohit Dwivedi at the songtsen library. We reached this place by switching a couple of local buses which was quite fun . we used the bouncing technique all the way in the bus. Meeting Mohit bhai was very fun and enriching. Got to learn a lot of things from him. He told us how important meditation is . If you really want to know your stutter then the only way to do it is by meditation. After couple of months of regular meditation you can sense that at which word you are going to stutter so at that time you can use the techniques efficiently. Also we learned that there are going to be times when people will make fun of us because of stuttering and it’s possible that we’ll stop practicing our techniques and return to the shell of depression and anxiety that we had spent our childhoods in. But we’ll have to remember to get out of that shell and start practicing again and never return to that shell ever again. Also Mohit bhai showed us this beautiful Tsongsen library which is entirely managed by monks. We also visited a  beautiful monastery nearby. Enjoyed alot. And finally we returned by the same way as we came. 

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  1. Sachin 4 years ago

    Thanks Shivang! Writing like this, consolidates our learning..
    Yes, Mohit is a very interesting person.. Dehradun SHG is being facilitated by him very well!


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