Pune SHG Report 10 April 2016

SHG meeting started at 10:45. Meeting was attended by Anshu, Amol,Ravi Shankar, Lalit, Pravin and Thirtha

    Thirhta and Pravin were newcomers. So Amol and other briefed them about TISA and different techniques.

    We started with meditation and then introduction. After introduction we continued with our other activities.

    1. Slow Reading – We did a round of slow reading, during slow reading everyone has to read a passage in slow speaking style. It helps us in practicing the technique with other members of shg, this will increases our confidence and also we can get input from other members of shg.

    2. Role Play – We did a role play in group of two members. During this activity we assigned various situation to each pair and they had to perform on that according to themselves.
    3. Extempore – In this round every one spoke about topic given to them, this round we can learn how to manage our nervousness and structure our thoughts.

    4. Voluntary Stammering – We went to nearby cafe and did voluntary stammering with people present there. It helps us deal with fear, I observed that many people did not cared about my stammering at all. It helps us in acceptance and increase our confidence level.
We talked with many groups present over there.One guy asked how this activity helps you.We told him it helps us get rid of fear of talking with stranger and it makes us our acceptance strong.We also mentions that this activity helps us in socializing with people.On this point the guy told its the problem with all people not only stammerer everyone is not comfortable in socializing with other.We asked questions like if you are an interviewer and if a pws came for job would you hire him.Answers were like If pws is able to express himself or herself then its fine.
    I request all blog readers to provide feedback for our shg meeting report.

    Thank You for reading…

Write up By Ravi

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Post Author: Harish Usgaonker