The story part 3 – with Ravinder

16th April 2016

I met Ravinder bhai at Gandhi park around 11 am. Ravinder (from Dehradun shg ) has been practicing the techniques since quite a few months and has managed to use them publicly . So I had a lot of things to learn from him. We spent some time at the Gandhi park and after that he took me to his beautiful home where i met his father. I introduced myself using the techniques and then he asked me some questions and I answered them . He had made us this delicious lunch so we decided to talk after having the lunch . We talked about a lot of things like work , cricket , engineering , the places from where we belong , politics , etc. He also believed that with practicing , stammering can be managed .
     After this Ravinder told me about the things he does as a practice for speech. He uses the prolongation technique . He told me the different ways to use it . He even told me about the other things he does for practice like finding a word from dictionary and writing it down in a book and using techniques on them so you practice a word and you even get to know its meaning. He told me this one particular thing that however busy you are , never forget to practice even when  its for just fifteen minutes. Because it keeps you in routine . He also recorded my speech and helped me to understand my stutter so that i can figure out how to use techniques on them . After this he then dropped me at the bus stand . I would really like to thank Ravinder for his time and knowledge. It was all very useful 

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  1. Sachin 4 years ago

    Yes, Ravindra is quite a role model!!
    I hope he is going to NC..


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