Report of Delhi SHG Meeting on 17 April, 2016

This report is written by Md. Nazish

Delhi SHG Meeting on 17th April, 2016

Host: Suraj
Co – Host: Ashish Agarwal

Timing: 10:30 am to 2:00 pm
Venue: Jantar Mantar
Meetign was started at 11:30 am and continued till 1:45 pm.
It was good meeting attended by 7 people inspite of hot summer. They were Anshul, Dipesh, Abhishek, Nazish, Shailender, Suraj and Ashish.
Following were the activities which were done in the meeting.
1. Introduction by Holding a Diary: The meeting started with the introduction round. Each of the member introduced themself. In this round, everyone asked to tell whatever they wish about themselves for 5 -10 mins till the other person snatches the diary from them.
2. Ground Rule: Here all the important ground rules of the meeting were shared. 
3. Unfreezing Round: The main motive of this round to learn how to come out from the freezing zone during speech. First bouncing technique was explained in depth by Ashish and Suraj. Everyone was asked to practice bouncing technique so that we can easily use to come out from the freezing zone and can complete their sentence easily. 
Every member has to gaze in the eye of every member for atleast 3 mins and then pronounce their name, in order to have a good eye contact and secondly every member was asked to laugh loudly and  speak loundly that “I am a Stutterer” or “Mai Haklata Hu”. It was done so that the nearby people can hear it. Main Motive of this agenda was acceptance from the bottom of the heart.
4. Extempore Presentation.
This round was also very interesting round. Evey member picked the coupon and present the topic written on it. They have to give the presentation for atleast 3 minutes. The aim of the extempore presentation was to remove the stage fear because of stammering. 
Every member was given a feedback by members on the basis of content and delivery. Highest Score was obtained by Abhishek.


6. Prize Distribution
Prize were distributed to the winner in order to encourage the PWS. Prize were given by our most senior friend Mr. Ashish Agarwal.
Dipesh got the award of most Funny Person in the meeting.
Abhishek for the best Presentation in meeting. 
Nazish for raising the best questions.

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    (April 22, 2016 - 11:15 am)

    Nice report, Shailendra ji's prize distribution always makes the excitement.

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