Delhi SHG Meeting Report 01st May 2016

  1. Delhi SHG Meeting Report 01st May 2016.

Lets start with things which we should not miss while writing about some event. It is very hot sunny days in Delhi right now but with unforgettable efforts of Vishal Gupta(Delhi Shg Co-ordinator) and sponsorship of Innov8 Coworking, we manage to have a small room in roof of Connaught Place. We(SHG Members) are heartedly thanks to both.

So, meeting was scheduled at 11 am and host is Vikas Ranga(a very peaceful and energetic guy) in Delhi SHG. Almost every member came of time and meeting started on time.

As AC was not working so we waited for 15mins under Sunshine and everyone was shocked about what next. Hopefully, it started and we sat on floor.

Activities, we started with casual introduction round in which everyone explained about their Job and hobbies. Everyone is curious to know some more about one-another.

Next activity. we did is meditation and everyone explained about its effect in their thoughts. Meditation is important thing to do as it provides calmness to mind and concerntration increases with It.

Most of our time was spent about speaking about one another in between a activity was suggested by Amit Dixshit in which everyone talked about their role-model
in TISA and Delhi SHG, so Hero is Vishal Gupta and Sachin Sir(Concluded).

Last activity, two groups (Team A : Vikas, Dixit, Daksh, Rahul and Gaurav and Team B : Amit Dixshit, Abhimanyu, Sandeep(non-stammerer), Premdeep Godara and Jitender Gupta(Champ) were divided with 5 members among them everyone has given chance to say three statements in which two should be true and one LIE/Wish so other team has to decide which one is lie. Here, it was tie because every team has idea about other team members but participation was shown by all so it was really gud.

Here, a question was raised by Jitender Gupta to Dixit Arora about marriage : Will u marry a girl who stammers?

Answer was shocking/strange but everyone accepted it and there was no lie and honest reply.

Here are some memories we captured.


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  1. admin 4 years ago

    Wonderful !! And yes, I like the interiors of the room 🙂

  2. Manish Aggarwal 4 years ago

    dixit bhai.. I am Manish not Gaurav.. as mentioned by u in the post. 😀 Please change it

  3. Raman 4 years ago

    Hii frndz …..i m Raman sharma from Gorakhpur….and I m new for TISA…….so I want to meeting with VISHAL GUPTA and DIXIT ARORA sir…….so plz gime me his contact number………thanx

  4. Ravi Prajapati 4 years ago

    Keep it up gangs of talentend peoples.


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