Canada, Dehradun and Stammer Conversations !!

Now this is something different. Dr Sachin calls me and says that we have a group of Canadians and there is supposed to be an interaction between them and Dehradun SHG. Was there any excitement- OBVIOUSLY !!

So here we were at Samagra, Dehradun to meet our guests. We had a group of 4 students from MacMaster University, Toronto, Canada. There were Rachel, Annecy, Esha and Arjun aka AJ !! From Dehradun SHG there were- Dr Sachin, Dinesh, Ashish, Dayal, Gaurav, Gaurav Sajwan, Vilas, Vikas from Delhi, Subhash and Mohit.


On Day 1, we had a formal introduction. Oh ! For the very first time, everyone arrived on time 😛 . So yes, we all introduced ourselves with different ways, First, normally with our epic stutter ! Secondly, with Bouncing and lastly with Voluntary Stuttering.

Then it was time to make our guests aware about the stammering world. Dr Sachin effortlessly did the task of conducting the meeting in his impeccable style. We discussed the causes, effects, etc.

Then we were divided into group of 2 people each. Here we were supposed to interact with each other and know about each other’s lives, Then after that, we have to introduce our partner during the activity.

So this was a good way where we used our skills of listening, talking, retaining and then presenting. Everyone did a wonderful job and got to know each other as well !!

Other than this, we discussed cultures, lifestyle and traditions of India and Canada,

After this, we had a delicious lunch at Samagra.  Then we all took a group picture and a made a short video for Goa National Conference as well.


On Day 2, we were joined by Vikas Ranga from Delhi and a new member arrived- Vilas Rao. On day 2, we had some serious and important talks. But, before that, we started with the same activity of Introductions.

But this time, instead of two members, we had 3 members in a group. Here, there was one Canadian and two PWS in a group. And our Canadian guests had to introduce the other two PWS.

Then we steered our meeting towards some serious discussion on Sex Education in India, Here we highlighted some points like safe sex, child abuse, dating, stalking – and awareness about related issues. Then we had a discussion on Gender Inequality. How much prevalent is it in India and Canada ? What can we do to overcome it?

Everyone presented their views and it felt great to realize that everyone was well aware and had great respect for the women !! The group also explored religious beliefs and ho they impact our lives.

Dr Sachin then took interview sessions with our friends from MacMaster University. Annecy looked pretty in those golden earrings !!

Then after all this wonderful discussion, we had steaming Veg Pulao with Fruit Raita. And Yes, it was truly amazing. After this, we had an informal discussion with our friends from Canada. We took a selfie and wished each for and awesome life ahead !!

Here I would like to thank Samagra, Dehradun for their support and providing us with such opportunity !!

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  1. admin 4 years ago

    It was wonderful meeting and lot of cross cultural learning. All SHGs should plan such meetings.

  2. Sachin 4 years ago

    Thank you Mohit – and thank you everyone. Facilitating any meeting can be FUN if participants are like you all: thoughtful, cooperative and willing to participate.
    Yes, life is a non-stop learning and every area of human concern is worthy of serious thought and discussion.
    Big thanks to SAMAGRA too!


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