Meet Cool Americans this time..

If you are in Dehradun and if you stammer (lol!), you are welcome to join Dehradun SHG, for a day long interaction with American University students (30) from Boston – at Sita Ram Ashram on 29th May (Sunday). It will be a rich experiential session – no lectures, no presentations! – just genuine discussions, leading to two-way learning. Lunch will be provided by the Ashram. Let Mohit (DDN SHG) know if you plan to come by 22nd May (Sunday).
PS: Stammering is totally ON. You will get a bit coin every time you stammer 🙂 But you are supposed to smile every time you stammer. This trip is being organised by Operation Groundswell. (Thank you Dhruv, for putting us in touch…).  Keep checking this post for updates. Sitaram Ashram is just opposite “Adventure by Choice” (map) in Vasant Vihar Phase 1.


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  1. admin 4 years ago

    Coooooooooool !!

    Contact- 8057032220, 8272032220

  2. Premdeep Godara 4 years ago

    Wow, sounds very interesting 🙂


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