Mind – on the cross ways..

Just returned from a three day residential Osho Dhyan shivir. Great experience! Came away with a great metaphor, related by Osho. Let me share:

A man went to visit a friend at his house. His two children were sitting and playing in the balcony, overlooking a busy road, below. The father (the friend) was not at home. The waiting visitor soon heard loud noises from the balcony – then abuses – and then wild thrashing around. The kids had gone berserk. He separated them and asked them what had happened:

One child said- he stole my car. The other kid said- NO, it was mine already.
The man further asked: but where IS the car? How can he steal, when he is sitting right here, in front of you..?

One kid said with some frustration: Oh you dont understand; let me explain the game.. The car which you see first becomes yours; then, at the end we tally who has got the more cars; But he stole my car. I saw it first.. he says he saw first, and I know he is lying..  

And they went back to their bitter fights.
Our mind is like a traffic island. Much traffic is cruising around it, all the time. In fact, Mind is nothing but a stream of thoughts, a movement of thoughts. But we dont have to run after a car and claim it as our own. We need not. Just watching a thought and letting it go, is enough, is fine. When we see a thought, we dont have to fight with it, we dont have to “own” it and bring it home..

When an interview has gone bad- and the world seems against you- Just say to yourself a couple of times: This lorry is going along the cross roads of my mind. I need not own it. I need not bring it home. Let it go.. I am separate from the traffic. I am just watching it. I am not like those two children..

When you crack a tough interview, yes, do celebrate, treat friends (and strangers too) to an ice-cream; but dont get overwhelmed or identified with that event. This too is just a car, going along the road. You dont own it. You cant. This is traffic. This traffic has been going on since the beginning of the creation. No end. You are not the traffic. You are only a witness.. Let there be separation of “thinking” and “being”..

Isn’t that an amazing way of looking at our thoughts? Let me know what you think..

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  1. admin 4 years ago

    Keep your mind empty. Let the thoughts in and out. Don't hold onto anything. Because attachment is the reason of suffering. You are right when you say that be a spectator and enjoy the view !!


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