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The techniques ( Bouncing ,Prolongation, Pause) which was taught to me about 2 months ago, by Sachin  was usually used by me to practice at home only; I was always reluctant to apply these techniques in front of others  especially with my seniors in office and was facing acute stammering problem. Things were so bad that I wrote following to sachin in an email in desperation:

Sir now days i am observing that I am facing lot of problem to communicate. The techniques which I have learnt could not get applied because i cannot  utter the starting word of sentence. At starting only blog comes due to which I feel very uncomfortable.In office also while talking in group when I speak than I cannot speak a single word. I have to struggle alot for just speaking there. Sir last time when we have  met than various activities we were done like talking to strangers in mall etc there I was not getting stammering in a single word but when I face real life daily situations then I start facing stammering in a huge extent level. When I am in front of people or talk to them than my fear gets increased. My mood always remains upset because of this only. I feel like stammer is a hammer on my head.                                 At home I speak alomst normal when I am around my comfort zone. 

I informed  all this to Sachin who planned to do a small activity in my office remotely (from about 300 km away) – in which I had to use these techniques in front of my seniors and Dr Sachin listened to the entire conversation over the live phone connection. He had already sent an email, with a follow up phone call to my Supervisor, to set up this activity, beforehand. 

So, at the appointed time today- I set up my hands free set, got Sachin online – reviewed quickly with him as to what I was going to do exactly – and then, entered my senior’s cabin; There were two people already in. At other times, I would have just left without saying anything – or would have waited for them to leave; But since Sachin was online, listening to everything – and since, I had planned everything in my head, I took the courageous step forward: I gave my introduction and explained about the techniques to my senior. I bounced on my name- and other words too – something which I had never done so far. I requested for feedback on my communication. They gave a very positive feedback which has made me more confident.  Really, all my fear and hesitation just flew away.

Thanks to Sachin Sir…
Comments from sachin:
Coaching and supporting someone over a live phone connection is not very difficult. It just needs a little planning. In this case, Vivek’s supervisor was very helpful and he promptly agreed to this activity, after I sent him an email. Many young pws have this difficulty: they can bounce at home, in SHG, on youtube – but not in the office – and that is where it hurts most. That is where a senior colleague or friend from TISA SHG can jump in and help, utilizing the modern technology. Challenging your fears IS difficult. One needs help. Practical help. This is what senior pws can do for juniors.. Thanks Vivek for trusting me! And please thank your supervisor for me. And dont stop now – as we discussed. 
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  1. admin 3 years ago

    keep going brother…take it as beginning and work hard


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