Bangalore weekly 19/6/2016

In the cloudy Sunday morning, cubbon park was bustling with activities of ISHA a meditation org. I donno whether they were packing or un-packing. I didn’t care, i had much more important thing to attend and i couldn’t be more late.

I was running late to attend our Bangalore SHG meeting , a long Saturday behind, travel from allalsandra hadn’t be as fast either. Its been quite a while since i attended SHG and i wanted to re- immerse myself again in SHG.
When i reached “Our hut” i saw the pleasant faces of Soma , Sudhanshu, Amarnath and Subhojit discussing in the hut. Our 2 four legged friends were also raptly viewing the ongoing proceedings.

By the time i reached introduction round was over , and story reading and paraphrasing was on.
In this round we had to read a short story , and had to paraphrase it to our audience. This reminded us of our school days where teachers used to paraphrase chapter by chapter to us.

We had a surprise visit by Dinesh and Family. Dinesh gave a short visit and went on to show the kids cubbon park:).

After this soma had her presentation ready for us, it was about her research since last year. She started off by giving a general overview about her work in IISC bangalore. The research was basically focused on the treatment of cancerous cells of human body. She took us back to our school days .the chemical composition , anatomy of human cell and its properties. We all listened intently making sense out of all the research work. I think i could have been more confident of attending my bio exam if i had gotten this session in my school days.

After the presentation soma braved all the questions from the audience patiently. Once the discussion was done we all said our good byes and took leave from each other.



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  1. Sachin 3 years ago

    Yes, "teaching" can be lot of fun, if the audience is appreciative..
    Thanks everyone- Soma included!

  2. admin 3 years ago

    Very nice report Nishil ….


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