Bangalore SHG report (3rd July, 2016)

It was the time which we normally wait for the whole week to come gather at beautiful Cubbon Park and share our experiences and probably meet some new people. Bangalore was again, as usual, showering the place with pleasant atmosphere and people of all age group were busy on their own world enjoying with their families and friends.
It was 10.20 A.M. i saw two fellows yapping and waiting for our meeting to start as i reach the small hut. Shobhit and Rajkumar were busy before i interrupted the discussion and greeted them. We were wishing some more people from the group to join and 10 minutes later we kicked-off the meeting. 
It started with our formal introduction and as we were less in numbers we didn’t hesitate to ask series of questions to make the round more interesting.
Then we decided to practise our speech with techniques and started reading a small paragraph or short stories from Google. In between we shared what works for us when we feel tensed and stressed that leads to less confidence while speaking. Tidbits from the discussion was: try to be more interactive with others at your workplace and don’t just go, sit, finish work and come back to your home, which is very comforting but hinders one’s growth specially in PWS.
Then next was usual extempore round and table topics were given to everyone in turn. 
We ended up talking a lot and by the end of the meeting we were all feeling relaxed. 
We were wishing to see our faithful friends in the hut but this time we missed them. Guess they are not happy as the strength is very less these days and they are trying to take revenge by marking absence 😉 .
At last we shook hands and said Good Bye to each other and ended the meeting. As usual take away from those 3 hours spent was more self confidence.
Report By: 

Sudhanshu Pant

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  1. Sachin 3 years ago

    Thank you, Sudhanshu and Amit!


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