Yeah you read it right….BUT for what??

Today i’m back with a new achievement.
Since in my last TISA blog post i said that i started teaching online.

So, here starts a real story….

Two years back,when i started teaching she was my first student.
At one point of time, she didn’t have confidence over the subject, even she scares learning this.
Hence, she asked me that she just wanna to get passing marks in exam.

I started teaching her, subject was one of my interest, she started gradually learning & start taking interest in it. I just asked her to practise and follow what i teach you and she started doing this.

After one year she is having exams, now she got some confidence over the subject.
Even though we stopped the classes but still i asked her to ask me any time for any help, she use to message me problems and doubts on whatsapp and i solved all her issues and for this i never charged anything.

Now, The RESULT:  she passed with first division ..!!!

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  1. Sachin 4 years ago

    Wow-Mukesh- Keep on sharing your gift selflessly! This is the noblest use..
    Best wishes to Quratulain too! She demonstrates that one can do anything, if they make up their mind..


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