Delhi SHG Meeting Report 17th July 2016

Today Ravi Jagga and I hosted an SHG meeting. Today Delhi witnessed some rainfall. In spite of this, nine members came. Member names are Sandeep, Abhimanyu (myself), Ravi Jagga (Co-Host), Abhay, Rahul, Raman, Dinesh, and Amit. Our meeting started with introductions round, in which every member had to speak about himself. The next round was giving a speech on a certain topic. Everyone had to speak on a topic that he knows or a topic recommended by other member. Our topics cover all fields. After this, the next round was about sharing some funny moment related to stammering. Dinesh shared his interesting experience on his initial days of college classes. Next, we had a round in which everyone gave his opinion on “How we should manage our stammering in tough situations.” Almost everyone gave the same opinion, such as “We need to remain calm, and we don’t need to fear so much.” Abhay made a very good point, that first we need to face tough situations, otherwise we can’t improve our stammering, which some stammerers avoid. He also give his real-life experience. Next, we had a discussion on the Goa national conference. Ravi Jagga explained about GOA NC to all members. Soon after, Amit arrived. He is a new member of TISA. It was his first meeting. He gave his introduction and at last he sang a very nice song.

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  1. Vishal Gupta 4 years ago

    awesome… Veero lage raho


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