Advantages of a Self Help Group

  1. Meeting other stammerers.
  2. Encouragement from other stammerers.
  3. Knowing you are not alone.
  4. Hearing of other therapies and seeing them in use.
  5. Talking about your therapy and practicing it.
  6. Generally exchanging ideas.
  7. Being able to address several people, up to the whole group.
  8. Gaining more confidence in speaking and social situations.
  9. Having people to practice with the telephone.
  10. Engaging in role play (Interviews etc).
  11. If the group is set up for ‘exchanging jobs around the group’, experience in carrying out new job functions.
  12. Starting or continuing to desensitize you by stammering freely, until you switch in to ‘speaking tools’ mode.
  13. With luck, easy access at meetings to a trained and / or under training Speech Language professional.
  14. Equal voice in shaping the direction of the group.
  15. Possibility of asking for talks from professionals.
  16. Occasional meetings with other groups.
  17. Inviting others (employers / police / government representatives etc.) to meetings to hear first
    hand about your problems and how you cope.
  18. Inviting local media to see and hear your experiences.
  19. All these things will build your own self image, and start to deal with emotional baggage many stammerers have.
  20. The meetings can be both fun and enjoyable, with you enjoying speaking.
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Post Author: Harish Usgaonker