Delhi SHG Meeting on 7th Aug

Written by our most regular SHG member: Anshul Saini

Delhi SHG meeting was held in Natya Ballet Centre. This meeting was hosted by our most confident PWS Mr. Sunoy who was totally prepared for meeting. Rahul Yadav was Co-host and Vikas Ranga was General Evaluator of this meeting.
Meeting attended by 9 PWS whose names are :-Sunoy, Rahul Yadav, Vikas Ranga, Anurag, Raman Maan, Rajat, Anshul Saini(me), Manish(New), Nitin. 

Theme of meeting was To Overcome Interview Anxiety and Stage Fear. Meeting was totally based on theme.
Meeting started at 5:30 PM sharp with 5 minutes meditation. Activities performed in meeting are:-

  1. Brief introduction Round: This activity has old name but it was performed in new way. Host told us that you have to give your intro by eliminating sentences like I am, I am from, I am working etc. Introduction was given in new way like Anshul Saini, Ambala, Diploma in Automobile Engg., Working In Sanden Vikas India LTD. After this activity General Evaluator adds a point that we can give feedback after the turn of every PWS so that he can concentrate on those points in coming activities.
  2. Interview Round: Vikas Ranga adds a point that everyone has to tell about the post for which you are applying and Rahul also adds a point, give your short intro about your career. In this activity one PWS stood in front of other PWS and everyone asked questions related to his job and career. Good point of this activity was each person asked question arbitrarily, nobody was sitting silent in this activity. Everyone gave their feedback with regards to other about their eye contact, body language and also some good points.
  3. Group Discussion: Topic was Working Wife or House Wife. Everyone took part in this activity and shared their thoughts.
  4. Extempore Speech: For this activity host had some interested topics written on separate chits. Some interesting topic was childhood, having siblings good or bad and sugarcane juice v/s coke etc. Everyone took chit one by one and gave great speech from their sides.
Anshul Saini
Delhi SHG
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  1. Sachin 3 years ago

    Creativity at best!
    Rang do sab kuchh naye rang me…


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