Stock taking: How does SHG help?

For many new comers, it is difficult to believe that a group of pws – with no therapist – can help a pws. How? It is good to ask these questions and try and get to the bottom. The secret is: SHG creates an atmosphere where certain attitudinal changes can happen. “Can happen” – yes they cant “be done” consciously; they can only “happen”. You cant make up your mind to practice acceptance- like a project. You can only allow it to happen. Because attitude operates outside of our conscious day to day mind. This is why many pws who frequently attend SHG and actively participate in it, notice a change in themselves.
Here, in this video a group is talking about these changes, which could not be “planned”- but happened automatically.
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  1. Dhruv Gupta 3 years ago

    Wonderful! We will ask our SHG participants in Mumbai in a similar way how SHG has helped them.


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