Banglore SHG 14 August 2016

Sometimes we look for something and we get something better,
last Shg was quite similar . There were seven Pws present.

Form Left to Right: Sudhanshu, Subroto, Bharat, Shiva, Anupam and Pramod. The lady is Jonali.

Prepared Speeches
Jonali gave a prepared speech.  She has improved tremendously . We all
congratulate her and wish her best of luck. Her speech was on Alibaba Founder
Jack Ma.
She had come prepared with PPT. Her PPT’s were very well
structured and presentation was eye-catching . The information and intent was
excellent. We really felt inspired by her Speech.
We all gave a short introduction
Three Words and A story
Now this is what I was talking about . We had this Idea that
we will give Three minutes to each Pws and at the beginning of each minute one
word will be given , Pws have to tell a story around that word such that it
should be connected to the previous Two words.
Everyone performed brilliantly and none of us was
flabbergasted . We were amazed at this undiscovered talent within us.
This was also our impromptu brainchild .In this we divided
the SHG into 3 Teams. Pramod and Anupam , enacted a Talk Show . Pramod did the
NRI part and Anupam played a Journalist. Their performance was full of  intellectual ragging.
Jonali and Sudhanshu were one team and they did very well to
show what happens when an Assamese girl and North Indian Gov. Officer discuss
about Independence Celebration.
Subroto, Shiva and Bharat  
did a great enactment of how youth will discuss recent Incidents in

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Post Author: Harish Usgaonker

1 thought on “Banglore SHG 14 August 2016


    (August 21, 2016 - 4:56 am)

    That "3 words, 3 minute" activity must have been challenging..
    Great, keep innovating..
    Jonali's presentation impressed everyone, no wonder. I guess, She must have rehearsed and of course she had prepared her slides..It is important to see BEYOND stammering, and take these very common-sense steps: Preparation, content, rehearsal, some slides etc.
    Thank you everyone!

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