School Chale Hum…

“Kaka yaha paas me koi school hai kya? (Is there a school nearby?)”, I asked to the Dhabewala as I took the last bite from my plate of Chole-Poori. We (Me and Vishal) were trapped in heavy rain for more than an hour when we went to the Nehrunagar to print visiting cards and handouts for our mission. Realizing that rain won’t stop anytime soon, we went to a local Dhaba to grab a brunch. Intrigued by my question, the Dhabewala enquired about me. The conversation progressed as we told him about TISA and it’s activities. We found out that his daughter is a stammerer, so we invited his family to the SHG. We haven’t even set foot in the school after printing and I had already spent one visiting card of mine. It was an achievement in itself and now the excitement was on par to meet school kids. Since the rain had stopped till then, we decided to start by visiting the local municipality school and get an experience of how it goes.

After a 15 minute ride, we reached the school. From Sachin Sir’s experience, we assumed that the Principal of school might resist allowing us, but she was very supportive and we soon found out why. Most of the kids in the municipality school were highly underprivileged compared to the schools we attended as kids, so, the staff were willing to do anything possible to help them. We entered the first classroom and all the kids greeted us by standing up and saying, “Good Afternoon Sir, Have a nice day Sir.” It reminded me of my school days…eh. We interacted with the teacher first. Some of the things which we told to the teacher were,

  • Who are we
  • What does our organization do
  • Why we don’t charge money
  • What are the myths society has formed about stammering
  • How to handle someone who stammers while speaking
  • How not to behave with or treat someone who stammers

During interaction with every teacher, we handed our visiting cards and handouts to them without fail and requested them to spread the message to anyone they knew who stammers. Then we requested them to allow us to interact with the students.

Standing in front of those kids, I remembered the quote by Mark Twain, The secret to getting ahead is getting started.” So I was trying to start speaking looking all calm on the outside, although there was chaos inside my mind regarding what to speak to those kids who were looking up to me in hopes of learning something new. When speaking to kids, you have to remember that they have a very active mind, and so they get distracted very easily unless you manage to grab and hold there attention. This, I know, since I was the most distracted kid in the entire class, maybe the entire school, who daydreamed sitting in lectures. So, I tried to engage them by asking them about movies. The entire conversation went something like this  

(translated in english)
Me: Does everyone understands Hindi?
Kids: Yes (some No)

Me: (again, louder than before) Does everyone understands Hindi?
Kids: (loudly) Yes

Me: OK kids, tell me, who watches movies?
(some kids raise hands, some don’t)

Me: How many of you have seen Golmaal 3?
(some hands go down, some who were down till now suddenly rise up)

Me: So kids, do you remember there was a character in that movie who used to speak like (Making funny face)…gh…gh…ghhhhh…
Kids: Yes!

Me: What you saw in that movie was just acting, but do you know, that the problem portrayed there is actually real. It is called stammering. Millions of people suffer from it. In fact it is so common, that if you gather 100 people at a same place, you will get at least 1 person who stammers from among them.

After this I told them about my own story and how I suffered from stammering all those years. I told them that stammering is completely normal and you should not be ashamed of it. In fact, if you encounter someone who stammers, then encourage them to speak and listen to them patiently.

We asked the teachers and kids if they knew anyone who stammers and requested them to convey our message and contact details to all those who stammer. We even called some kids who themselves or others believed that they stammer and interacted with them. By the time the school ended, we visited 8 classes ranging from 5th grade to 7th grade and interacted with the kids at each class we went. We took turns while speaking to the kids and by the end of the day, were completely exhausted.As we left the school building, we were greeted by the same kids we visited in the past few hours who were saying,“Bye Bye Sir!.” Even though it was a challenging step for us, now that we have done it, I can say it was just another step towards acceptance.


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  1. Sachin 4 years ago

    Wow! It made my day!
    Nothing nobler than investing our energies into next generation.. This is what we in TISA should be focusing on more and more (Talking to non-pws audience and educating them)..
    You are very right about distractability of the children- therefore our activities for them should be short, focused, and fun.
    Abhinav, your visiting card is looking cool and swanky! I will encourage everyone in TISA to have such cards and use them..

    I am also very happy, that your principal belied my experiences! JP and I, did face some resistance from the principals here in Herbertpur – initially. GOOD, listen to seniors but never get constrained by their thoughts. Check out reality on your own and make your OWN map of the world!

    When I was a child, I often prayed: God, just show me one adult who stammers, who is willing to talk about it! Had I met such an adult, my suffering would have vanished.. At last, my prayers have been heard now! Thank you two!

    Soon, I will be sharing here some links to equip you with more ideas about working with children. Since you have taken up this initiative, I am sure you will not mind, walking that extra mile..

    Big Congrats!

  2. admin 4 years ago

    Hearty Congratulations to all contributors in this Initiative. We were discussing it the other day in Bangalore SHG but you guys did it. We will get in touch with you for suggestion.

  3. Sachin 4 years ago

    Check these links for more ideas for working with children…

    You can also use some cards with Alphabets and ask kids to make words out of it (Anagram). Make 5 set of such cards and then divide the class in five group- and have a competition: which group can make more words from the given cards.. see below:

    AFTER they have made words, let them say the words with bouncing: Re-Re-Re-Realise
    (even if they dont stammer- just like that)

  4. Rameshbabu Ginela 4 years ago

    well done abhinav bakshi.


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