SHG Report 21st August Bangalore

Today’s meeting was divided into four parts :

From Left to Right: Anupam, Subroto, Sudhanshu ,Shobit,Mohit Sinha,Rajkumar,Bharath,Naman,Mohit Jaiswal,Amarnath, Pramod , Jonali , Akash, Shiva , Rahul

Prepared Speeches

JOnali, Akash , Rahul gave speeches.Its was 10th Speech of Jonali . It was a great speech about Meditation and Self help. Rahul’s Speech was an Ice-breaker. Akash made our day by telling us a story ‘Holes in the Fence’ which gave us a lesson that our harsh words hurt others deeply


Everyone gave small introduction

How my Week should be

This is a new activity which we have introduced. In which PWS talk about what their idea of an Ideal week is . Suprisingly all of us had one common wish : To wake up on early on time.

 Most of us wish that we could complete our targets well within planned time . Some of us wished to read the book which is incomplete and go to Gym everday. The laidback ones thought that partying with friends and going for an outing in weekend will be a great idea.

Turn-Coat Tussle
Now this was challenging. In this activity we had to debate with ourselfs. We were given some topic and we had to speak FOR the motion in first 1 minute and then Against the Motion in the next 1 Min.
Some mugshots of how it went is below:

Pramod gave valid points on a Topic in which he is well-versead: Girls. Mohit had to undergo some torture when he was given the Topic: Sonia Gandhi. Naman made sense when he spoke about : Kashmiri Pandits.
Jonali showed her Skills when she spoke about: State Vs Open Economy. Anupam seemed little unsure but some how pulled it off when his topics was: Is war neccesary for peace.


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  1. Sachin 4 years ago

    Thank you Anupam..
    Yes, it can be a big challenge to suddenly take up a POV, just opposite of what we normally like to believe.. But it can be refreshing too, to explore the other side of the issue.
    Great picture! I hope to see at least some of you in Goa! – and get to know a little bit more about you all..

  2. admin 4 years ago

    Thanks Sachin Sir for motivating us by posting on every SHG report even if it is not juicy at all.
    On the contrary Bangalore SHG looked very comfortable during Turn Coat Tussle. I must that the reasoning and logical ability of a Pws is sincerely well ahead of so-called normal people(with no offence to anyone).

  3. Sachin 4 years ago

    Yes, yes, we are SPECIAL people.. We just have to let the world know! We are X-men and X-women, with Titanium tongues, Super-chip brains, Teflon Hearts.. We are actually from a little known planet in Andromeda galaxy (M31, NGC 224).. (I wish we could organise next NC there!) ha ha.


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