Interviewing Activity @ Ghatkopar (Mumbai) SHG

At the beginning of the SHG, some students from G N Khalsa College interviewed all of us for a project on stammering. They will be making a video and will share it with us. 
We started the meeting with: Rounds of Introduction (15 mins) 

Say your name
  • Then say your name with the following: 
  • Few slow bounces
  • Many slow bounces
  • Tension
  • Clean Block
  • Whisper
  • Loud
  • Eye Contact
  • Smile
  • Lots of hand gestures
  • Hands folded behind back
Interviewing Skills
– Break up into groups of 3
– Share what skills and qualities you have – (1.5 min / person) Rules: only one person speaking at at time. Facilitator will call out “change” after 1.5 mins. 

– Next, write down individually, the skills and positive qualities you have (5 mins) 
– Now, Choose 5 skills / qualities and write down a success story/example for each (10 mins) 
– Next, Pretend you are the employer and write a list of up to 10 questions that might be asked during the interview (5 mins). Rules: 1) Think about a job you want to apply for. 2) Avoid questions that can be answered with a simple “yes” or “no.” Use open-ended questions like, give me an example, tell me about a time…keep you stories in mind.
– In the same groups, one person will be the interviewee. That person gives their notebook with questions to a group member, and their phone to the other group member. That group member with the notebook is now the interviewer/employer. The third person will record a video; imagine the third person is not there. (15 mins x 3 = 45 mins)
– Find a quiet place and watch your videos. What did you answer to the questions? Take notes on your content? Can you improve the content of your answers? (15 mins) 
Next week – Sunday Sep 4: Vishal is host and Praveen is co-host. They will be leading us in an outdoor activity! 
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2 thoughts on “Interviewing Activity @ Ghatkopar (Mumbai) SHG


    (August 29, 2016 - 5:35 am)

    Jo Bole so Nihal!
    Sat sri akaal!
    Jai ho Khalsa college kee..aur sabhi students ki jinhone participate kiya!

    Let us keep on learning about DIVERSITY which is the source of ALL life, all creativity, all communication.. in a nutshell everything!


    (August 30, 2016 - 6:35 pm)

    Hey..Can others join the Ghatkopar SHG next week ?
    If yes, then pls share the location and timings .

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