Migration : Dont panic!

Friends, we encourage you to start contributing to our TISA website ( http://stammerindia.org/ ) by sending your announcements, stories, poems, case studies, write ups and pictures etc. to info@stammerindia.org or harishusgaonker@gmail.com .
Dont we deserve a full fledged website now after 9 years? This blog is being powered down. However, it will be around as an archive. Your memories and contributions are SAFE. But now the ACTION is elsewhere! Some of the feedback on 6th NC has already been pasted to the new website.
Remember. your thoughts as written words can touch many lives, inspire others and set you free from inner prison of shame, guilt and fear. In Varun Carvalho’s words, you can:

Roll up the mountains and jump into the sea.. Climb up the fountains until you can not see.. You are a star in the making, you are your destiny..So fire up the engines and be what you wanna be!

I am just back from Goa NC; it feels like the day after a great binge! My sincere thanks to EVERYONE – even those who watched live streaming and browsed the photos! Together we can move mountains, if we just keep in mind that serving others selflessly is at the heart of everything TISA dreams of and hopes for. It is a privilege to think of others’ needs more than ours.

Haklao magar pyar se,
Jujho mat apne aap se..

(When you stammer, stammer with acceptance in your heart; Dont fight yourself – you cant win!)
PS: You can search this blog by using the search box at the left top. If you wish to use google, you may try this syntax: ” site: t-tisa.blogspot.in search term “. If you know the period, you can use the archive drop down list on the right hand. I am working on this archive- trying to make it better organised and to use better tags for the old posts. In the meantime, let nothing stop you : write and share your thoughts on the website.

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  1. Sachin 3 years ago

    While trying to see how google will search this blog- I came across this gem:

    Thank you Karan!


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